Hilarious Test Answers That Deserve A Prize For Creativity

Who hasn't thought about giving up during a test! These students did exactly that and gave hilarious answers that aren't technically wrong.

Some students get very creative while answering test questions.
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Haven't we all had this moment during a test in which we thought about giving up? Whatever kept us from studying before the big day, now it's too late and the only thing that's left to do is either try our best - or jack it all in and have some fun. That's what the following students did. Kids' drawings can be extremely funny, a fact that'll be proven on the following pages. We're extraordinarily lucky that we get to see their hilarious, creative answers!

Let's go:

#1 Mariah is the Answer

When your love for Mariah Carey transcends your desire to pass a test.

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Some students prefer listening to music over answering exam questions.
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#2 Another Music Aficionado

Come on, that was a pretty tempting question!

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This student decided to draw something instead of correctly answering the question.
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#3 Cheeky Frog? With a Human Hand?

Nice try, but also a little creepy? Anyway, we're impressed by the self-confidence!

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This student seems to know about him failing the test.
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#4 "I Want to Retake This Test"

Seems like this creative student knows that they'll flunk the test. However, we think they deserve extra credit for making a banana car.

[Newtownchris via Reddit]

This student would be a good team member during a popquiz.
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#5 Now Put Your Hands up!

Beyoncé shared her wisdom with us, this student was brave enough to try and pass it on during an exam. We couldn't be prouder.

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Creativity is not lacking in these test answers.
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#6 "Lonely, I am so Lonely...

I have nobody for my oooooown". Since the common theme of most of the test answers seems to be pop music, we decided to go along with it.

[halfricantrombone via Imgur]

Some students deliberately misunderstand exam questions.
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#7 I Feel You, Hope

I would have done the exact same thing back in school, had I had the guts! I respect you, Hope, you're going places.

[Newtownchris via Imgur]

This kid meant well but unfortunately spelled an important word wrong.
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#8 One Letter Can Make a Huge Difference

Some things are better left unsaid, kiddo.

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Some students give wrong answers that are technically right.
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#9 It's not Wrong...

My kind of math. Some kids have no idea how funny they are!

[Newtownchris via Imgur]

Even if this student didn't give the right answer, they're not stupid.
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#10 Poor Bob

Bob should have listened to his parents and rationed his candy, because now Bob has diabetes. Don't be Bob.

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A school kid challenges the system by outsmarting the teacher.
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#11 Smart, Smarter, This Kid

Reddit user jknight42 writes: "Found this in some old school papers. Apparently even 7 year old me was a smart ass." Outsmarting the teacher, challenging the system. On that day, a true hero was born!

[jknight42 via Reddit]

A school child drew himself as a 100-year-old and his depiction is pretty accurate.
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#12 He's Just Being Realistic...

To be fair, this is a weird question! The only question that remains is: how did he die? Seeing as there's no tombstone on his grave, could he have been buried in a forest? Was he murdered?!

[[deleted] via Imgur]

This student took the test question too literally and drew the way she's thinking.
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#13 Taking Test Questions Literally

That's a pretty accurate description of how I'm thinking, too! Including the bunny.

[armafast via Imgur]

One student obviously had no interest in getting a good grade.
Source: Reddit

#14 Didn't You Forget Something?

If you've ever written an extended essay, you'll know that the longer you spend thinking about a topic, the less sense it makes. Like that, things like "blah blah blah blah" might fill a line until you're sure about which point you want to make. You should always check for those "fillers", otherwise this might happen!

[dihydrogen_monoxide_ via Reddit]

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