10 Children's Drawings That Are Way Too Honest

Children usually say exactly what they think. That sometimes leads to uncomfortable situations for parents! These kids' drawings are adorably honest

The kid draw its mom in an unflattering way.
Source: Reddit

Life with children is definitely very different from living the single life. While kids love to be brutally honest - and we appreciate that most of the time - sometimes their honesty goes a little bit too far. Creative kids don't just say funny and sometimes inappropriate things, they also draw them. Here are 10 brutally honest drawings by kids!

#1 Mommy's Outfits Change a lot

The kid wrote, "this is what mom looks like in the morning" - let's say it's a rather unflattering look. Once nighttime arrives, mom looks different, but probably not as you would have expected. Mom looks good when she's going out though.

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Some kids' drawings are quite horrible.
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#2 Poor Valerie!

"Dear Valerie, get out of my life!" Okay, what did Valerie do to deserve such a gruesome drawing? Having one's head chopped off with an axe isn't quite the mother's day card we'd want to receive. Maybe Valerie is the annoying babysitter?

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This Christmas card isn't merry.
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#3 Merry Christmas!

"I hope you get a lot of presents and a happy merry christmas. And you are fat." Who wouldn't want to be at the receiving end of such a lovely, and truly heartfelt Christmas card. Forget about staged Christmas photos with the whole family, this year I want a drawing for Christmas!

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An unflattering drawing of a mum who drinks to much wine.
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#4 "I Think my Mom Should Drink Less"

Sometimes kids are funny without being aware of it. This child appears to be very observant of her mom's behavior - and frankly a little worried. Maybe it's time to say goodbye to the tasty "grape juice", mom.

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The drawing shows a mum who's drinking wine.
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#5 Speaking of Wine...

"My mom likes drinking wine," reads this sweet, yet inconveniently honest drawing. We hope that whoever drew this lifelike image of their mum having a good glass of wine didn't take this to school. That would be an awkward parent-teacher conference.

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The child often hears its parents when they're in the bedroom.
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#6 The Endless Fight Between Mom and Dad

"Sometimes I can hear Daddy and Bich wrestling. I can tell he's winning because of the sounds she makes." Okay, imagine this drawing got into the hands of a teacher. Imagine the complete silence as they put it down and are completely lost for words. It would be so dramatic. So great.

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A child drew a grave because someone turned 40.
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#7 Happy Birthday Drawing

To be completely honest with you, when I was a kid I also thought that turning 40 would mean having one foot in the grave. Now, years of wisdom later, I know that turning older just feels like dying inside a little each year.

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The kid draws that it's never gonna get married.
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#8 Single Forever

Getting married? Who needs that! Whenever women are in a relationship, they age disproportionally in comparison to their same-aged girlfriends. Adios, relationships, hello to having the whole bed to oneself and not owing anyone anything!

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The child is very clear that it doesn't accept any other mother than her own.
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#9 A Little Aggressive

Seriously, if my kid wouldn't do that for me, I'd wonder where I went wrong.

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The kid drew an ambiguous image of her mum, so she wanted to clarify.
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#10 Mommy's Cool Job

This amusing draw doesn't in fact depict a kid's mom dancing around a pole, no. It's meant to show the mom selling the last shovel at Home Depot before a blizzard hit the place they live at. People were apparently willing to give her all their money.

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