Here's Why You Shouldn't Share Your Bed With Your Pet

Even though it's lovely to fall asleep to the sound of a snoring cat or dog, you shouldn't share your bed with your pet anymore.

Dogs should sleep in their own beds.
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You're used to snuggle up with your pet in bed? We totally get it. Our pets know how to convince us, one adorable glance and we get weak! To be honest, we're quite fond of this sleeping arrangement, too. Having a warm and soft companion next to you in bed, well, there are worse things in life! We're sorry to burst the bubble, though, because you should consider to no longer share your bed with your pet!

In the end, you're the one to decide how you sleep at night. When you're used to having a pet close to you, even when you're sleeping, it might be difficult to change things now.

Hear us out, though:

A woman shares her bed with her dog.
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Sad but True: Good Reasons not to Share Your Bed

Every pet owner knows that wonderful feeling when you wake up in the morning, knowing your beloved four-legged companion is still sleeping next to you. However, you should take the reasons not to share your bed with your pet seriously. They concern both your health and the quality of your sleep.

Dogs are at an especially high risk of contracting fleas, ticks, mites, worms, and the like. While it's obviously extremely healthy for your dog to spend an extensive amount of time outside every day, this also means that you could catch a disease from your darling.

The woman cuddles her dog in bed.
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A Pet in Your Bed Might Negatively Impact Your Sleep Quality

Do you sleep well when your pet sleeps in your bed - or do you have fitful sleep?

While a study from 2015 found out that having a pet sleeping next to you at night calms some study participants, others might experience the exact opposite. When your pet sleeps in your bed, you might be more alert to its movements and the sounds it makes. For those of you who are naturally light sleepers, you should consider keeping your pet out of your bedroom while you're asleep. We know, it's so tough!

If you have a partner, your pet could get in the way of you two! If it snuggles up to you and your partner, you can forget your cuddle session!

Here's how you can train your pet to sleep in its own bed:

The cat needs to sleep in its own bed, so it doesn't interrupt its owners sleep.
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How Does Your Pet Learn to Sleep in Its Own Bed?

Be prepared that it might not be easy for you and your pet at the beginning. If your cat - or dog - is used to sleeping in your bed at night, it will be confused when you all of a sudden close your bedroom door behind you.

It's definitely easier to train a dog than a cat. Your dog will quickly get used to it, if you playfully familiarize it with its dog bed. Place a treat on its bed and praise it when it lies down on it. When you get up in the morning, call your dog and again reward it with a treat.

If your dog is particularly stubborn, you could try out a more drastic measure. Whenever your dog jumps on your bed, you spray it with water. You can try the same strategy with your cat - and yes, it will hate it. Your pet will quickly understand that it's no longer allowed on your bed, though - and you can finally have a good night's rest.

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