Silverfish: Where They Come From And What To Do To Get Rid Of Them

No one likes to have silverfish in the kitchen, bathroom or basement, right? But where do they come from and how can we get rid of them?

Unfortunately, small silver fish are plentiful in many kitchens - what to do?
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Nobody likes silverfish, right? Unfortunately, these little beasts always find their way into the kitchen, bathroom or basement. But where do they come from and what can you do to get rid of them? 

Before we answer these questions, we must first clarify what silverfish are. Do you have any idea?

For those unfamiliar with silverfish, they are small insects that like to be in warm places in the house.
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What are Silverfish?

These silver-colored insects do not bring joy. They are about a centimeter long and like humid, warm climates - they also avoid light. So what rooms do they prefer to be in? Exactly - the kitchen, the bathroom and the basement, because that's where it's most humid. 

But where do they hide?

Small insects like to hide in the remains of wallpaper or in the joints.
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Most often they come through the joints, wallpaper remnants and all cracks, because they feed mainly on starchy materials, but also on synthetic fibers, cotton, skin flakes, paper, mites, mold and dead insects. They are true omnivores, aren't they? 

Although they don't normally harm us, we don't like having them in our homes. But what causes a silverfish infestation?

There are many causes of silverfish infestation. Mould can also be the cause

Causes of a Silverfish Infestation

(1) The ideal food for silverfish is mold, hair and skin flakes. Wipe surfaces a little more often.

(2) Do you like to be warm? Yes? So do silverfish, because they feel perfectly comfortable in a room with a temperature between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius. Maybe you shouldn't always turn on the heater?

(3) Check your pipes and joints, as silverfish will sneak through anything that isn't attached.

Once they are there, you need to do the following to fight them:

Baking soda can attract small animals
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How to Get Rid of Silverfish

Sure, they're not dangerous, but  we don't want them crawling between our books and our food, right? These home remedies will help you control the silverfish invasion:

(1) Mix baking powder with a little sugar and use it as bait.

(2) Fill infested rooms with small bowls filled with vinegar, lemon and lavender, as these smells quickly scare the little beasts away.

(3) Secret hack: sticky traps. Simply place a paper soaked in honey on the ground overnight and wait. The trap should be full of insects the next morning.

(4) And if the first three tips don't work, there's always good old-fashioned potatoes. Yes, you read that correctly. Just place a halved potato on an open plastic bag overnight ... the next morning, you can carry the unwanted guests outside.

You can also take preventive measures against an infestation:

Regular airing can already do wonders
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Preventive Measures

(1) regular ventilation

(2) correct heat regulation

(3) avoid loose wallpaper and keep cracks and joints closed

(4) no open food

(5) remove hair from the bathroom floor regularly

(6) flush drains more often

(7) treat mold immediately & don't forget the joints.

Did these tips and tricks help you? Don't give the little bugs too much surface area to attack, and you'll be fine.

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