4 Zodiac Signs That Are Supposed To Be Constantly Unlucky In Love

Wondering why things aren't working out for you in love? Maybe your zodiac sign is one of those that are often unfortunately unlucky in love!

Some women wonder why love doesn't work out for them, their astrological sign can provide clues to this.
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Almost everyone needs a relationship, intimacy and security from time to time. However, you always seem to be unlucky in love? Have you ever had relationships, but sooner or later they broke up - and often for the same reasons? Then it's time to check your horoscope! Some Zodiac Signs have to face some obstacles in the field of love and are more often unlucky in love. 

On the following pages, you'll discover which zodiac signs often get in the way themselves!

Gemini women often struggle with their immaturity, which is why things often don't work out in love.
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#1 Gemini

The biggest obstacle for Geminis to overcome is their immaturity. This issue causes frustration for some partners, as you often have trouble making decisions and saying what you want. In addition, you don't like to make too many commitments, which can naturally create uncertainty for some men. But you still want a relationship that works? Then try to communicate clearly what you want, for example, what activities you would like to do on the weekend. Your partner needs to know where you stand and what things you like, so he can adapt to you. If you make an effort in your relationship, it will definitely last longer!

The Scorpio sign often criticizes its partners, which often causes relationship stress.
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#2 Scorpio

Women of the Scorpio sign are often known to be very critical of those around them. Little details that jump out at you, like bread crumbs on the breakfast table, sometimes make you feel like you're a little picky in the eyes of others. Not everyone can handle that kind of strictness - but not everyone has to either! Since you're so careful about who you choose as a partner, you can strive to find someone who accepts you as you are. After all, no one is perfect and (probably) nobody leaves crumbs on the table out of ill will.

For the sign of Aquarius, it is important to have a lot of space, which is sometimes incompatible with love.
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#3 Aquarius

Aquarius women are very attached to their freedom. You have no problem being on your own, but you still wish you had a partner sometimes? You probably need a "significant other" who needs space just like you - but it's just as important that you have each other. Knowing that someone special is there for you, even if you're not on top of each other every minute, could be really rewarding for you. Would you fall in love with your ex-boyfriend again? It's unlikely with Aquarians, even if he's always given you space. If you can be more understanding of your partner, there's no reason why you can't have a happy relationship.

The Pisces woman is very sensitive and believes almost everything her partner says, so she is often disappointed in love.
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#4 Pisces

This zodiac sign is characterized by its sensitivity. However, your sensitivity can be a source of trouble in interpersonal relationships and is often perceived as naivety. Do you get fooled a lot? You can blame it on your zodiac sign! It would be important for you - not only in relationships, but in life in general - to learn to say "no" and to stand up for yourself and your needs. Also, you should question things from time to time, especially if your partner's behavior seems strange to you. The Taurus man could be the right zodiac sign partner for you.

No matter what your sign stands for, you are never completely at his mercy and you can make your own decisions. If you see a life partner in your future, don't let your zodiac sign hold you back!