10 Pictures That Are Painful To Look At!

We hate them, we love them: pictures that are kind of painful to look at but incredibly funny at the same time! Here are some hilarious fails:

Walking on Lego bricks has always been painful.
Source: Reddit

Some pictures have the power to trigger physical reactions in us. This is exactly what the following snaps will do! Even though they're too funny for words, they will also make you go "Ouch! How painful..."

#1 A Nightmare Made of Lego

While it's certainly fun to play with Lego, there are few toys that are more painful to walk on. We remember stepping on those nasty little Lego bricks like it was yesterday. This picture makes us relive said painful experience! This boy probably hasn't thought about how he's ever going to be able to leave his room again! How life changes once you have kids...

[deleted user via Reddit]

Here are 9 more funny and painful pictures that'll make you cringe!

This picture was perfectly timed and looks like the girl was in pain.
Source: Reddit

#2 Bye-bye Swing

What a perfectly timed picture! Though we can only perceive the slightest hint of panic in the girl's face, we're pretty sure that what happened after the photo was taken was rather painful... 

[simon_wang12 via Reddit]

Dangerous weight watch because it's in shards.
Source: Imgur

#3 Broken Glass Everywhere

At the time this picture was taken, this dude's feet were in safety. He was hopefully very careful about his next steps!

Does this image also trigger the feeling of happiness in you that comes from vacuum broken glass?

[thetacomaster via Imgur]

It must have been quite painful to fall from a swing like this.
Source: Reddit

#4 Swings Again!

By now, we've established that swings are indeed a menace. The first one broke, the second one throws the girl into the air - and soon after on the ground. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like she was prepared - if so, she could have done a flip to land on both feet.

[beehive-bedlam via Reddit]

It hurts to see pizza fall onto the floor.
Source: Imgur

#5 Not The Pizza!

It looks like the little boy ran into the half-open door while holding a pizza carton in his hands. First of all: Ouch!

Second of all: Why oh why the pizza!

[thetacomaster via Imgur]

Shower gel always drops onto the big toe.
Source: Reddit

#6 The big Toe Always has to Suffer

We can feel the pain creeping into our big toe just by looking at this comic. Whenever we clean the bathroom or take a shower, it's inevitable that at least one of our shower gels falls down and lands - of course - on our big toe. Oh, the pain!

[lolnein via Reddit]

The poor guy seems to have "alone forever" written all over his face.
Source: Imgur

#7 Of Course I'm Alright, why Wouldn't I?

I mean, at least he has really nice blue balloons...

[via Imgur]

The picture of a failed tattoo hurts twice.
Source: Imgur

#8 Think Twice Before Getting a Tattoo

What's interesting about this picture is that we can't decide whether the tattoo hurt twice or three times. The first tattoo hurt. The second tattoo hurt. The failed relationship probably hurt too.

The best way to handle this whole tragedy is to laugh it away!

[via Imgur]

Two women forgot about the little boy between them.
Source: Imgur

#9 When Love Hurts

At first glance, nothing seems to be wrong with this picture. "Why is this snap even on this list?!" you might ask. But then you see it. The hugging women forgot all about the little boy between them. Let's just hope the woman on the left didn't ... break wind. This picture makes us feel more than just slightly uncomfortable!

[via Imgur]

The picture is painful to look at because it represents a broken friendship.
Source: Imgur

#10 The Painful Screenshot

We all have that one friend who leaves us on read all the time. At least they apologize in time with a creative excuse and we get over it and move on. However, if you forget to reply to a text for 2 years, maybe it's time to admit that the friendship is over.

[thetacomaster via Imgur]

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