Savings Challenge: How To Save More Money For Your Next Vacation

Here's a challenge that will help you save money. At the end, you'll be surprised how much money you've raised to have the vacation of your dreams!

Bundle of bills to save for the next holiday.
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We would all love to plan our next vacation right now and live, participate and buy everything our hearts desire... if there wasn't one small problem: our finances! Since most of us are not millionaires, we just have to save up for the vacation of our dreams. We've got the best savings challenge tips for you that are sure to motivate you to save a lot of money until your next vacation. 

Tip #1: The 5$ Method

This savings method is extremely simple and efficient: every time you have a $5 bill in your hand, don't spend it, but put it aside until your next vacation. 

By ending one's smoking habit, one can save lots.
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Tip #2: Cigarettes 

This tip is not only good for your body, but also for your wallet. Every time you have a craving for a cigarette, don't give in to it and rather put the money for the cigarette into your piggy bank. Yes, it's hard, but that's how challenges work!

One part of saving money is to challenge yourself to spend only 50$ in a week.
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Tip #3: One week - $50.

Until your next vacation, pick a week every now and then where you have to get by with only €50. You'll be surprised how much money you have left at the end.

Going out less for drinks helps save money.
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Tip #4: Alcohol is Expensive

A cocktail here, a small glass of wine there - it's not only extremely expensive, it's also bad for your health. That's why you can try to reduce your alcohol consumption as much as possible – or at least drink one less glass of your favorite beverage. 


Tip #5: The Pants Trick

This tip is more for coin users: Whenever you find coins in your pockets before washing your pants because you forgot about them or just found them loose in your purse, put them back and save them. In the end, that's a lot of money! 

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Tip #6: The 52 Week Challenge 

There are 52 weeks in a year and in this challenge you set aside 1€ at the beginning of the year from the first week, 2€ from the second, etc. to save money. This is a very simple hack, because you don't have to put much aside, so you won't miss the money. But the amount of money that you will have at the end will definitely make your vacation more beautiful!

Saving your money according to the temperature of the day
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Tip #7: The Temperature Challenge 

Match your money to the weather! Each week check the temperature and put as much money as the warmest temperature recorded for the week into your savings account. For example, if the hottest temperature for the week is 20 degrees Celsius, then you need to set aside 20 Pounds, Euros or Dollars. For the hardcore version, use Fahrenheit instead of Degrees Celsius.