Hack: How To Unlock The Shopping Cart Without Coins Or Tokens

Don't have a coin or token for your shopping cart at the supermarket? With this hack, you can unlock the cart without one!

With the shopping cart, you almost always need a coin or a token.
Source: imago images / Steinach

Supermarkets are often a very busy place, as most people are always pressed for time and stressed. But besides the messy shelves, crowds, sometimes rude customers and other annoying scenarios, there is one more thing that can make us all furious. We all know the situation: We want to make a quick stop at the supermarket on our way home or to work and do some quick shopping. We might want to shop more than anticipated, so we need a cart, but we realize we don't have any coins on us or shopping cart tokens to unlock the cart. Instead of despairing, you should instead use this hack with which you can unlock the cart very easily, even without a coin or token.

Ideally, you always have this item on you anyway...

The cart safety device has a specific purpose.
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The Theft Protection Device

Yes, we find it really annoying to always have to use a coin to unlock the shopping cart. You can often do this with a token, which you get almost everywhere as a gift. Even though it is really annoying to have to carry a token or a coin with you all the time (annoying because we tend to forget it), the security device is there for a good reason: it prevents theft and hinders people from simply leaving the cart in the parking lot after doing their shopping. This way, you are "forced" to bring the cart back to get your coin or token. 

But if you don't have a coin or token handy, this hack will come in handy: 

With a key you can unlock the shopping cart
Source: IMAGO / agefotostock

You Can Unlock it Without a Token or a Coin!

All you need is an object that you ideally always carry with you: your key! The round side fits perfectly into the coin slot of the shopping cart. This means you can go shopping without a coin or token, because you always have your key with you! 

However, this only works for carts that have an open slot for coins and tokens, and not for those that have a compartment connected to the side. But still! At many supermarkets, you can at least get a shopping cart if you forgot your token at home and don't have a suitable coin at hand.