Heatwave: How To Take Care Of Yourself In Hot Weather

Temperatures are rising and we're facing a heatwave! Here's how to take care of yourself and your flat in hot weather. Tips to stay cool:

People are trying to escape the heat by going to the beach.
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2021 has served us all kinds of weathers and temperatures so far. It's been freezing, it's been snowing, it's been way too hot and way too cold for too long. Many people have been craving hot weather for a while now and it's finally arrived: many countries are facing a heatwave. High temperatures surely are a challenge for our bodies. It's getting increasingly difficult to stay concentrated, we're constantly sweating – also under our face masks – and some people even experience circulation problems.

Though you can't stop the heat, you can use some of our clever tips on how to stay cool – and how to cool down your apartment!

The sun shines through a window and increases the temperature in a room.
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When it's getting hot outside, many people tend to leave their windows closed all the time, in order to "block out" the heat. However, it's not the heat on its own that's making our lives miserable during a heatwave; it's the mixture of heat and humid air. If you keep your windows closed at all times, your home gets more and more humid over time, simply due to the fact that you yourself raise humidity through your breath and sweat.

What can you do against this?

Some people try to keep their home cool by using sun umbrellas.
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In some countries, it's completely normal to have air conditioning everywhere. In others, only some buildings have AC, like malls and office buildings. If you have air conditioning at home, it should help keep the humidity down.

If you don't have that luxury, regularly open your windows to let humid air out. That'll also ensure that fresh air circulates in your home, which has a positive impact on your physical well-being.

If you don't have a fan yet, now might be the time – though it doesn't theoretically cool down the air, the air ventilation makes it seem like it.

What else can you do to stay cool at home?

The woman doesn't want to sleep without her blanket, even though it's hot in her apartment.
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If you're finding it difficult to fall asleep when it's hot in your bedroom, try one of our helpful tips:

1) Put your pajama in the fridge in the afternoon, so it's nice and cold when it's time for bed.

2) Alternatively, make one of your t-shirts wet and put it on before you go to bed. It will feel uncomfortable for a second, but then it will have a cooling effect on you.

3) Take a nice and long shower in lukewarm water before going to bed.

4) Don't forget to vent your room both in the morning and in the evening when temperatures drop.

 You got this!