Quiz: How Many Animals Are On Their Way To The Lake?

Our quiz of the day: Do you know how many animals are moving towards the lake? To solve the quiz, you have to read the text very carefully!

Our quiz wants you to find out how many animals are walking towards the lake.
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Today's quiz is about animals on their way to the lake! We bet it'll take you a while to solve it. The solution of the quiz seems almost too obvious, however, you'll need to think logically and read it very carefully. Only if you take your time and pay good attention, you'll be able to successfully solve how many animals are moving in the direction of the lake!

Are you ready? Let's go!

We'll introduce you to the quiz and give you a little hint.

Those who read the quiz very carefully will find the answer
Source: stylevamp.com

We've got a small hint for you: Read the riddle very, very carefully, only like this will you be able to solve it.

A bunny is on its way to the lake and sees 6 elephants.

The elephants see 2 monkeys that are walking towards the lake

Each of the monkeys carries one parrot.

Well, you've surely got it now, right? If not, we'll reveal the solution on the next page:

The correct answer to the animal riddle is five animals!
Source: stylevamp.com

Did you take your time and read the riddle thoughtfully? If you did, then you should have gotten the right answer: 5 animals are on their way to the lake!

The bunny is walking to the lake, just like the two monkeys with their two parrots. The elephants merely observe the other animals on their way to the water. 

That was super easy, right?

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