10+ Tips And Tricks Makeup Artists Won't Tell You

Here are the tips that will save you time and money, and leave you looking fabulous.

10+ Tips And Tricks Makeup Artists Won't Tell You

1. Save Your Mascara Brush

A good mascara is less about the product and more about the brush! If you find a brush that really works for you, save the wand, clean it and use it on a cheaper mascara for your next purchase. 

2. Use Coconut Oil In Your Concealer

Add a drop of coconut oil to your matt concealer. It will instantly make you look more radiant and the product will be easier to blend. 

3. Use Hairspray On Your Brows

Spray hairspray on a clean, disposable brow brush or mascara wand. Brush your brows in an upward direction, then shape them as needed. Your brows will stay in place all day!

4. Choose the right foundation

If you have oily skin, use a water-based foundation. If you have dry skin use an oil-based foundation. 

5. Use Wet Makeup Brushes

Always wet your brush before applying highlighter. This will leave your skin with a brighter glow.  

6. Lipliner Is A Waste Of Money

You've been lied to ladies! The truth is, 90% of the time, a lipliner is totally unnecessary when using a matte liquid lipstick. 

7. Use Bronzer As Eyeshadow

If you are going for a full face of makeup but want to keep your eyes bare, apply a matte bronzer on your lids. This will make your eyes appear bigger.

8. Avoid Glittery Eyeshadow If You Have Fine Lines

Use a matte eyeshadow if you want to hide fine lines around your eyes. Eyeshadows with shimmer will only bring out these creases. 

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9. Use Scotch Tape To Get The Perfect Winged Liner

Use scotch tape to outline a straight line from the corner of your eye to the edge of your brow. Use this as a guide to get the perfect winged liner. 

10. Always Let Mascara Smudges Dry

We've all been there! Instead of wiping away a mascara smudge while it's still wet (which will only create an even bigger mess) wait until the product has dried. After 5 minutes, use a Q-tip to remove the smudge.

11. Make Sure Your Eyeshadow Reached Your Brow

If you don't apply your eyeshadow far enough toward the tip of the brow, your eyes will appear way smaller. Instead, imagine a line running from the tip of your brow to the outer corner of your eye. Your eyeshadow should reach this line. 

12. Always Blend Into Your Hairline

Be sure to blend both your foundation and your contouring all the way to the hairline. If you don't do this, you'll be left with a visible line that looks unnatural and tacky.