Funny Booking Codes You'd Rather Not Get

Booking codes are usually a random combination of letters and numbers. However, when you see these funny codes, you won't think they're accidental at all!

You'll find a booking reference on pretty much every boarding pass.
Source: IMAGO / agefotostock

Everyone who's ever taken a plane or has ordered something online knows about this seemingly random code you get for your order: the booking reference. At times, we're willing to believe that the final booking codes, made up of numbers and letters, didn't emerge completely by chance. Some are funny, some seem straight-up offensive though!

The booking codes these people received seem too good to be completely random...

The boarding pass is quite offensive.
Source: Reddit

#1 You Have a Really...

"GR8VAG". If you read the 8 aloud, i.e. "eight", the booking references reveals a very uncomfortable compliment. Can we count that as harassment?

The next code was definitely no accident...

[twohtwonder via Reddit]

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#2 You're the Chosen One!

At first glance, you might think there's nothing unusual about this boarding pass. However, if you know what the code "SSSS" stands for, your stomach will turn.

The so-called "Secondary Security Screening Selection" means that, mostly due to no obvious reason, you were chosen for a random, extensive security control. This kind of ticket poses several problems right from the beginning. For example, when you get chosen for this random check, you can't print the boarding pass at home, nor at the self-service terminal. Moreover, the thorough security check of both your luggage and your clothes takes up a lot of time.

That's why you should get to the airport super early when you see this booking code on your ticket.

The next booking reference makes us nervous right away too...

[@Sir_Lawton via Twitter]

When the code on your boarding pass reads like an unpleasant prophecy.
Source: Reddit

#3 Is This a Prophecy?

This Reddit user found the booking code "HIJACK" on their boarding pass. People who already have aviophobia (i.e. fear of flying) will surely skip this flight...

The same applies to the next code...

[Pilotguy44 via Reddit]

With this booking code you might want to cancel your flight.
Source: Reddit

#4 "The confirmation code doesn't inspire confidence"

Not. At. All. Please take me home, mommy.

The next booking code is rather funny for a change!

[Ryno3639 via Reddit]

There's something holy about this booking reference.
Source: Imgur

#5 Holy Guacamole!

This booking reference could be both positive or negative, right? Let's hope it was a joyful "holy f*ck"!

[[deleted] via Imgur]

When your boarding passes keep on insulting you, you start taking it personally.
Source: Imgur

#6 That's Just Crude

Sometimes you gotta ask yourself whether you should finally take the booking codes you get personally. "D1ckbutt" – come on, surely someone from the airline had fun coming up with this code! Maybe it was an unpaid intern, in which case we'd understand the rudeness no one asked for – and the desire to prank some passengers.

The next flight passenger must have been equally furious about their booking reference...

[[deleted] via Imgur]

You can get a boarding pass with codes for either men or women.
Source: Reddit

#7 It Must be a Trend

It's apparently not uncommon that boarding passes make reference to the nether regions. Here, the code contains the word "Cl1t". I'm sure we don't need to spell this one out for you, right?

But why stop at vulgar terms when you can straight-up insult passengers?

[ryozim via Reddit]

Some airline employees seem to be very angry.
Source: Imgur

#8 Booking References Only Know one Language ...

... that of rage! Translated from German, this word means "wan*er". It's kind of disturbing getting a boarding pass insulting you, isn't it?

One last thing: On the next page we'll tell you why you should never post your boarding pass on your social media accounts!

[[deleted] via Imgur]

Boarding passes reveal a variety of personal information about the passenger.
Source: IMAGO / YAY Images

Personal Information on Boarding Passes

Boarding tickets with funny / offensive booking codes are fair enough, however, it's best if you don't share your ticket online at all. Those who see the information on your boarding ticket can find out personal information about you by accessing your flight data. Here's the information they can find out about you: your full name, your billing address (which usually coincides with your address), your date of birth, your travel destination, for how long you'll be on travels and sometimes even the barcode of your ticket – which means they can use your boarding pass! Sharing your plane ticket online thus entails a high risk which you should better avoid.

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