Where do those annoying little holes in your t-shirt come from?

You’ve probably already had them in one of your t-shirts - those annoying little holes around your stomach. How did they get there?

The little holes are common in t-shirts.
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Everybody knows this situation: you put on your favorite t-shirt but there are those little holes at the bottom of your shirt. How annoying! Instead of wearing the shirt, you throw it away or merely wear it as your pyjamas. Why is it that those holes mostly appear around the belly, as this reddit user demonstrates? Are moths the culprit? Or did your laundry machine cause the holes?

On the next pages we will tell you what causes the tiny holes in your shirt and what you can do about it:

The production of the t-shirts causes the little holes.
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Neither moths nor laundry machines cause the little holes. In fact, the fault lies in the production of the t-shirts - low quality cotton is much more prone to ripping when it is in contact with buttons and belts, for example. That is the reason why you usually find the holes around the waistband. 

However, despite the lower cotton quality of your shirt, you can prevent the tiny holes:

Crop tops don't get the tiny holes.
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#1 Wearing crop tops 

Crop tops are probably the easiest way to prevent the holes in your shirt. Since crop tops are shorter, they don’t even touch the waistband which means there is no friction which could cause the shirt to rip. On top of that, crop tops are super fashionable and can be easily combined with various pieces of clothing. Madison Beer shows how good a crop top can look.  

The next hack will be interesting for those of you who still want to wear longer t-shirts:

Combining t-shirts with a pair of leggings prevents holes in the shirt.
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#2 Pants without buttons

As you now know, buttons and belts cause the little holes - so simply combine a normal-length shirt with a pair of leggings. Kim Kardashian shows us how it’s done! These days, you can get leggings in any kind of fabric - whether you like leather, vinyl or the more "basic" styles. So you can get crazy while staying comfortable!

Additional bonus: leggings are way more comfortable than tight jeans while still making you look fantastic. 

If you can’t part with your buttoned pants, the next tip might be for you:

Textile clips help prevent holes in shirts.
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#3 Textile clips

You can’t live without long shirts and buttoned pants? No problem! To avoid the little holes, you can further use textile clips. This might sound strange but it actually helps. You simply put the clip over the button of your pants, this will stop your shirt from rubbing against the metal of the button. You might have to get used to it for a bit but it’s absolutely worth it. Also: the upper edge of the waistband around the button won’t stick out anymore. 

The washing cycle can also cause holes in clothes.
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#4 You should protect your shirts in the laundry machine

Your t-shirts can also rip while you wash them. To avoid getting holes in your shirt, simply put your beloved shirts into a mesh laundry bad to protect it from rubbing against other materials during the wash cycle. You might already have them at home, if you use them to protect delicate garments. Plus: don’t forget to close the zippers and buttons of your pants and jackets! 

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