Blind Pimples: Here's How To Get Rid Of Them Fast - It Helps!

Blind pimples shouldn't be squeezed! These tips will help you get rid of them faster – they are simple and effective, you'll see!

Blind pimples are annoying, but they can be easily removed.
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Everyone knows that painful experience: during the night, an unsightly red pimple has settled on your face and is ruining your life (not really, but what would life be without a little drama). No matter how hard you squeeze it, it won't go away. It 's the birth hour of a blind pimple. Here you'll find out what really helps to fight them.

Pimples are unpleasant for most people, and our first instinct is usually to get rid of them: squeeze them! You probably know that this is an absolute beauty no-go. Plus, our face can say a lot about our health, which is why you shouldn't ignore pimples. If you try to squeeze an underground pimple, it can result in inflammation and scarring, and in the most severe cases, it can even lead to sepsis. We'll tell you what you can do about beauty blemishes to get rid of them as soon as possible - without scars or inflammation.

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In case of blind pimples, they should not be squeezed.
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What Exactly are Blind Pimples?

Well, in a way, the name is self-explanatory: unlike "normal" pimples, whose white heads are usually visible on the skin, blind pimples only appear as large, red bumps. You feel the underlying tissue is inflamed, but even if you squeeze it desperately, nothing happens - except maybe there will be blood. Ouch!

We all know the urge to squeeze spots. But blind pimples lead to pore clogging at deeper levels of the skin. Like a volcano, this blockage eventually migrates upward and manifests as the white accumulation of pus. However, it may take a few days before this happens – during this time you can actively, but non-violently, combat the impurities on your skin.

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For blind pimples, it is recommended to wash the face with water every day.
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Method 1: Wash Your Face Twice a Day.

This is probably already part of your standard skincare routine, but: with a gentle facial cleanser, you let your skin breathe, you remove makeup remnants, dirt and bacteria - and if the pimple is exposed to more air, it can also heal faster. 

But there's too much of a good thing here, too: limit yourself to two washes a day and make sure the right product is used for your skin type. Otherwise, your skin will dry out. Washing gels are the most suitable. But be careful: don't expose the pimple to a peel - it may seem like a good idea at first, but it causes sensitive skin all the more.

Here is what else you can do:

Chamomile helps with stubborn pimples.
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Method 2: The Power of Chamomile

While chamomile tea is not popular with everyone, you should still rely on the effects of this medicinal plant in case of pimples: With the help of a steam bath, it opens the pores. Boil a liter of water, pour it into a bowl and add either a few bags of chamomile tea or get fresh flowers from a pharmacy. Let the mixture steep for five minutes, then lean your head over it and cover it with a towel. This improves the overall appearance of the skin and is also very healthy!

An alternative is a warm chamomile washcloth, which you soak in chamomile water and then put on your face for several minutes.


Tea tree oil can work wonders for blind pimples
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Method 3: Tea Tree Oil

The absolute top in case of skin impurities of all kinds is Australian tea tree oil: it has an antifungal and antibacterial effect, so it kills fungi and bacteria of all kinds. If you don't mind the slightly pungent smell of the oil, you will find it a very effective remedy for pimples. Since tea tree oil can quickly dry out the skin, it should be used sparingly and applied in a targeted manner with a cotton swab or absorbent cotton stick, or diluted if your skin is very sensitive. Before using it on your face, test it on a discreet part of your body, as not everyone can tolerate oil without skin irritation. Tea tree oil can also be found in all sorts of creams and masks that also help to keep your skin clean.

The chemical ointment to be drawn helps to make the blind button disappear.
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Method 4: Extraction Ointment

People who prefer chemicals can use an ointment that pulls pus to the surface of the skin if inflammation occurs. However, it can also irritate the skin, so it should only be used occasionally. You can get traction ointment without a prescription from a pharmacy.