This Is Why You Should Always Close The Bedroom Door At Night

When temperatures rise, like during the summer, we tend to leave the bedroom door open at night, but we'd better close it! Here's why:

At night, many leave the bedroom door open.

Did you know that more than half of all people sleep with their bedroom door open at night? However, very few people know that this can be very dangerous! There can be many reasons for sleeping with the door open: the desire for a better room climate, to hear the children or simply out of habit. Most of us don't even think about leaving the door open or closing it.

However, we now know that closing or not closing the door can make the difference between life and death!  

A closed door is safer for sleeping.

The FSRI is a security research institute, which conducted an extensive study in the US. The result is clear and unambiguous: the majority of participants are convinced that it is safer to sleep with the door open. However, the exact opposite is true! In the event of a fire, a closed door can slow the spread of flames, reduce toxic smoke and improve the oxygen content of the room! Did you expect this? 

You should keep this in mind in the future:  

The bedroom door can make or break an important second.

Every Moment Counts During a House Fire

A few decades ago, people had about 17 minutes to get to safety in a house fire. Today, it is only three minutes. That's because more and more plastics are being used in home construction. In addition, there is a growing trend towards open floor plans. It is then naturally very easy for fire to spread quickly.

Today, the fire department, in collaboration with a campaign of the safety organization, reminds us how important it is to keep the bedroom door closed. Because a closed door can make all the difference. They also recommend closing the door to the children's room. While this is a big step for most parents, they should always remember how important this can be in an emergency! 

Fortunately, in more and more countries fire alarms are now mandatory. This means that the chances are much better that a fire will be noticed sooner and appropriate action can be taken.  

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