Genital Sweating: What to Do About It?

Sweating is annoying, but being sweaty around the genital area can be uncomfortable on top! Here are 5 tips that can help you get rid of a sweaty groin

sweating of the intimate parts
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We all have this problem in summer: sweating. When it's hot, we sweat everywhere, even in our genital area! That's because that's where most of the sweat glands are located and where sweat cools the body. But unlike underarm sweating, groin sweating cannot be combated simply with a conventional deodorant.

That's why on the following pages we're revealing 5 useful tips for combating sweat and odor in the intimate area. Let's get started!

shaving can limit the sweating of the private parts
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#1 Shaving

Of course, we sweat most where there is a lot of hair. That's why shaving the private parts also reduces sweating. For those who feel too naked down there without hair, trimming may be the right option.

breathable underwear limits sweating
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#2 Breathable Underwear

To avoid unnecessary sweating in the intimate area, it is also particularly useful to wear different underwear, for example made of breathable materials. Tight underwear and thongs, on the other hand, encourage the transmission of bacteria in the intimate area, so you should be careful, especially in summer!

The way you sit affects your sweating
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#3 Sit Properly

The more air there is in the intimate area, the less you sweat! Sitting with crossed legs obviously doesn't allow enough air to this area and perspiration is favored. It is better to sit with your legs slightly open or even cross-legged. This way, the intimate area isn't confined and the sweat can evaporate.

Good hygiene limits sweating
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#4 Good Hygiene

When the weather is hot, we of course shower more often. Use only pH-neutral shower gels to clean your private parts and don't overdo it either. 

In addition, you may as well clean your private parts with sage tea, as tea prevents sweat formation, is antibacterial and even prevents vaginal fungus! 

deodorants for the intimate parts against sweating
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#5 Intimate Area Deodorants

Today there are even special deodorants for the private parts, which work exactly like underarm deodorants, but only for the lower parts. They are composed of substances that are gentle on the private parts and are therefore effective against sweaty odors.