Please Don't Do It! Hairdressers Hate These Things

Some clients are particularly horrible and disgusting, much more so than their hair. All hairdressers hate these things:

Some people come to the hairdresser with such horrible things that it can disgust you.
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If you want to have the most fashionable hairstyles and haircuts, an appointment at the hairdresser's is inevitable. We love a visit to the hairdresser: you're pampered for an hour or two, get updated on the latest gossip, and every five minutes you're given one instruction: now you can relax! Okay, deaaaal! For hairdressers, however, these appointments are not always a pleasant experience: Especially when clients are not so meticulous about personal hygiene, the whole thing turns into an absolute hair horror. Some hairdressers hate these things:

Therefore, you should avoid the following things before your visit to the hairdresser:

Some hair is so dirty that the hairdresser will be disgusted.
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#1 "Incorrect" Hair Washing

When washing their hair, many people forget to scrub behind their ears as well. Of course, they don't see the disgusting yellowish residue that accumulates - but the hairdresser does. And, believe us, they will be anything but thrilled by it! 

The following point is also to be avoided if you want to be able to return to your hairdresser:

Hairdressers hate it when hair is particularly tangled.
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#2 No Comb?!

Knotted and unkempt hair is not only unsightly to look at, it also means more unpleasant work for your hairdresser: combing it can be very time consuming. Apart from that, it's not too much to ask to comb your hair before going to the hairdresser, is it?

Let's move on to point 3, which you should definitely know!

The hairdresser may feel really uncomfortable if the client has not washed his hair for a while.
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#3 Dry-Shampoo-Madness

Dry shampoo is a great invention because it saves us from having to wash our hair every now and then. However, you don't want to overuse it: no hairdresser wants to get their hands on dry, sticky hair that hasn't been washed for days. It's just disgusting!

Let's move on to point 4: 

Some hairdressers are terribly unfriendly, but there are a few things you should keep in mind during your appointment.
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#4 Contagious Things

If you notice eczema or anything else on your scalp, you should cancel your appointment and seek medical attention. Otherwise, you risk infecting your hairdresser or other clients who are treated with the same equipment. Apart from that, your hairdresser will certainly not want to be exposed to this dreadful experience. 

Ready for number 5?

Certaines choses sont si épouvantables qu'il faut espérer qu'un ou deux coiffeurs en seront épargnés.
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#5 Contagious, Part 2

Also, if you suspect a lice infestation or something similar, never go to your hair stylist! And yes, we mention this because it has happened .... Eww! 

"Yuck" - that's all some people might think when they have to brush things like stringy hair.
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#6 Washing is Overrated

Of course, your hair will be washed at the hairdresser. So you don't have to show up with a perfectly coiffed, freshly dried mane. But you don't have to exhaust your wash-free period until your appointment, because your hairdresser doesn't like to touch greasy, stringy hair either. 

So please spare your hairdresser the following:

There are some things you should simply spare your hairdresser so that he or she is not completely disgusted.
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#7: Please Don't Use Too Much Perfume

Lack of hygiene is one thing, but there are always those clients who overdo it before going to the hairdresser and add a spray of hairspray, a special hair perfume and a flowery-smelling shine spray to the usual perfume cloud. The result will most likely be a radioactive toxic cloud that will almost make your hairdresser faint. 

Ready for no-go number 8?

Unfortunately, hairdressers regularly experience horrible things in the course of their careers.
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#8: Head Massage with Nails

Okay, a head massage during shampooing is one of the best things about a visit to the hairdresser. But please: Never ask for a head massage without gloves (yes, there are clients who do!). Who likes dandruff under their nails? 

What else bothers hairdressers?

Some things just need to be avoided so that he doesn't get completely disgusted.
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#9 Dandruff Alert

Yes, we all have dry skin from time to time, especially in winter, and it's actually quite normal to have dandruff. However, a few days before you go to the hairdresser, it's definitely worth treating yourself to an anti-dandruff shampoo so that the hairdresser doesn't just see dandruff, but more importantly your hair. 

You should also leave out number 10 if you want to go to the hairdresser again!

If your hair is dripping with gel, it's simply unpleasant for the hairdresser.
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#10 Gel, Gel and More Gel

Yes, there are times when it's nice to put a lot of gel in your hair. But not when you have to take the bus two stops to the hairdresser's and the hairdresser is busy removing all the sticky stuff from your mane. Have a little compassion for your hairdresser!

Let's move on to point 11: 

When customers smell sweat, it is extremely unpleasant for the hairdresser.
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#11 Sweat Alert

Don't jog to the hairdresser, you can always do it later if you feel you still need to exercise. After all, there are few things more disgusting to a hairdresser than sweaty hair and sweaty clients. 

Are you ready for the last point you absolutely must consider?

It's not very nice when your hairdresser finds out that you cut your own hair.
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#12 Cut your Own Hair

Of course, it's tempting to cut your own hair from time to time. Especially if you have bangs, it's almost inevitable. But your hairdresser won't be as excited as you are when he or she has to touch up your " mischief ". And if you do, don't use kitchen or craft scissors!

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