This Is Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Windows Open

It's a controversial subject: Should you close the windows while asleep or leave them open? We'll give you an argument to settle the issue once and for all!

Some couples fight about sleeping with the windows open.
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There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who like sleeping with windows open and those who need to close them at nights. Couples have argued about it, parents have given us advice, but we are here to settle the issue once and for all!

Your partner advocates for sleeping with open windows? Well, we have a very good argument for you. This will convince him of the opposite!

This is why you should always close your windows at night:

Many people can't sleep when the windows are open at night.
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The Age-Old Question: Open Windows or Closed Windows?

Especially when the nights get colder, many couples tend to argue about whether or not it's a good idea to leave the windows open during sleep time. Oftentimes, women prefer sleeping with closed windows - otherwise, the cold air makes it impossible for them to get cozy in bed. Your partner has hot flashes during the night and wants to leave the window open, though? How do you solve this problem? Who is right? Should you simply get a warmer bedspread? Is it your partner who could sleep with a thinner bed cover? We admit that these arguments are quite cliché, but which is it now?

You'll get a good night's sleep, if you close the windows at night. Why is that?

Even if the man thinks sleeping with open windows is healthier, he should sleep with his windows closed.
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Is it Unhealthy to Leave the Windows Open at Night?

While fresh air coming in from outside can have a beneficial effect on your sleep, you should stick to airing your room out before you go to sleep, and close it once it's bedtime. In case you're still wondering why fresh air isn't reason enough to leave your windows open at night, you should shift your focus to a different factor impacting your sleep: noise. When your windows are closed, your room is quiet and calm. The outside noise from traffic, barking dogs, cheering teenagers (depending on where you live) have no chance of disturbing your sleep when your windows are closed.

On the next page, we'll tell you why it's unhealthy to sleep with your windows open:

Wenn man schlafen gehen möchte, sollte man das offene Fenster schließen.
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This is why You Should Close Your Windows at Night

Do you ever get up in the morning and feel weary? Especially when waking up with a throbbing headache, many people think that letting fresh air in during the night will help. However, even if you've gotten used to falling asleep to traffic noise, you should definitely close your windows at night. This is why: Noise triggers a stress response in the brain. This reaction engenders the release of stress hormones during one's sleep. This, in turn, negatively impacts your sense of well-being.

A question that remains is why noise is more detrimental to your health during sleep time than during the day:

Traffic noise can trigger the release of stress hormones during sleep time.
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Here's why Noise Negatively Affects Your Sleep Quality

During night time, we are more perceptive to noise than during the day. This is why you should close your windows before going to bed. As mentioned earlier, air out your room before climbing into bed. It can be easier to fall asleep in a well ventilated and somewhat cooler room.

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