Here's What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

The sleeping position can tell you a lot about the state of your relationship. How do you sleep when you're sharing the bed with your partner?

Sleep researchers have discovered that the position in which one sleeps can tell a lot about the relationship between a man and a woman
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There is a lot of research and studies on people's sleep patterns. On average, we sleep for 24 years of our lives. During sleep, we recover, our bodies regenerate and process the experiences and events of the day. Researchers have also looked at the different sleep positions - and found that you can learn a lot about your relationship from couples' sleep positions!

Find out what the 9 individual positions mean on the following pages!

You may have known each other for some time in this sleeping position. The relationship has become habitual, but it also means trust.

 #1 Dialogue Position

You are lying across from each other, but you're not touching. The fact that you are facing each other shows that you have a strong bond. You may have been together for a long time. You're not touching, which could indicate that you want to distance yourselves. Maybe it's time for a romantic getaway?

If you sleep back to back, it may indicate a harmonious relationship

#2 Back to Back

You sleep facing each other, but certain parts of your body are touching. For example, your backs, feet or buttocks. This means that you have a harmonious relationship where you trust each other and feel safe with each other. You both have enough space, but don't lose touch with each other. 

If the woman puts her head on his chest, it is a symbolic gesture that shows that she trusts him and wants to lean on him.

#3 Head on Chest

In this sleeping position, the woman's head rests on her partner's chest. This is a symbolic gesture that shows that she trusts him and wants to lean on him. This position symbolizes that you are always trying to meet each other's needs in your relationship. You feel safe together; romance, tenderness and time together are an integral part of your relationship. 

If the faces are turned toward each other in bed, it means that communication in the relationship is good.

#4 Face Each Other

You sleep facing each other and close together, but you don't touch each other too much or lie extremely close to each other. This means that your relationship is based on good communication. You don't turn away from each other, but you don't ask for too much devotion and attention from each other when you get close. You both have your own space and needs, which you accept, but you don't lose the affection and closeness that your relationship needs.

If you sleep with your back to your partner, this does not bode well, as you do not touch each other in everyday life either

#5 Detached From Each Other

This sleeping position does not bode well for your relationship! You sleep with your backs to each other and aren't touching, unlike the back-to-back position. This is usually how couples who have had a fight before going to bed sleep. There may be a fundamental problem in your relationship. In any case, the position shows that you are both independent and want and/or need a lot of time apart.

The Stargazing position can indicate that your relationship is intimate and tender.

#6 Stargazing Position

In this position, you are both lying on your backs. One of you has his or her head on the other's shoulder. Your relationship is still close and tender, but sleeping like this can mean that one of you is trying to impose your opinion on the other. 

The famous spoon pose is popular with many couples and shows that you can let go. One has a say in the relationship

#7 Spooning - The Woman is Spooning the Man

In this spooning position, the woman is the big spoon, meaning she is hugging the man from behind. On the one hand, this shows that the woman is in charge in this relationship. On the other hand, it also shows that he can let himself go with her. This very close position proves that you cannot separate from each other, whether at night or during the day, and that your relationship is characterized by tenderness and affection.

When the man embraces the woman, it means that he takes the active role in the relationship

#8 Spooning - The Man Spooning the Woman

In this case, it's the other way round. When the man hugs the woman from behind, he frequently takes on the active part in the relationship. With this behavior radiates, he radiates self-confidence. He is there for her and would endure even the biggest obstacle for her. If partners alternate between being the big and the little spoon, it shows that the relationship is balanced and that everyone is taking an active role.

If you're in the "space-stealing" position in bed, you're in a very different relationship than you used to be

#9 Space Snatcher

In this sleeping position, one partner lies on his or her back or side. The other partner is on the side or sleeps on their belly, and takes up a lot of space. He or she almost pushes his or her partner off the bed. In this position, there is no physical contact between the two sleepers. If both fall asleep in this position, it does not bode well for the relationship. Each person is more or less going their own way; the distance is also symbolized by the way they "share" the bed.

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