Riddle: Where Is The Bank Robber Hiding?

Are you in the mood for solving a riddle? Then find out in which house the bank robber is hiding! How did the police find the robber so fast?

How did the police find the bank robber right away?
Source: stylevamp.com

Your eagle eye is needed for this riddle! A bank robber is on the run, but he stands no change against the police. He goes into hiding, but - alas - one little detail gives away his hiding spot! Do you notice the same detail the cop detected? We'll give you a hint on the next page

The riddle is easy to solve when you're observant of details.
Source: stylevamp.com

Hint: It's not the bank robber himself who you'll discover on closer examination. However, one small detail betrays his hideout. He has definitely planned his escape!

You'll find out where he's hiding on the next page!

The robber is hiding in the pink house, his car gives him away!
Source: stylevamp.com

The bank robber is quite clever! Though, apparently the police is at least as smart as he is. Do you think he was able to elude the police?

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