Heatwave: 5 Tips To Cool Your Home

To cool your home during the heat wave, there is no need to spend money on an air conditioner. These 5 tips will bring you surprisingly good results!

A woman at her window tries to cool her house
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The summer sun is beating down on your house, making you feel, for a brief moment, like a roast chicken at the end of the cooking process. The heat wave keeps you at home, with no other perspective than the desperate wait for a draft that may arrive during the night... Unfortunately, you don't own an air conditioner... Fortunately, there is a solution, or rather, 5 tips, to allow you to increase, achieve or maintain the coolness in your home.

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Woman hanging sheets
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#1 Hang a Wet Sheet in Front of Your Window

You can speed up the cooling process by hanging a wet sheet in front of your half-open window, and spray it with water every time it begins to dry. Evaporation will absorb heat and cool the room. The bottom line is that during these hot spells, humidity is your friend. You can also consider simply wiping the floor with a wet mop.

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#2 Darken your Home During the Day

What's the best way to keep the heat out? By not letting it in. This is accomplished, at least in part, by keeping the curtains and blinds closed during the day. That way, the sun can't shine directly into the apartment and heat everything up.

Person opens window to Ventilate
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#3 Ventilate at the Right Time: During the Day, Close all Windows and Open Them at Night

Adopting the right routine at the beginning of the day is the best way to prevent your home from turning into an oven. During the day, remember to close all the windows and protect the skylights to avoid the magnifying glass effect. On the other hand, from 9pm onward, reopen them all until the next morning. This will create a draft of air that will cool the whole house, giving you a little respite.

Plants are great shields against the heat
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#4 Install Plants on Your Wall Exposed to the Sun

During heat waves, plants are great a great way to protect yourself from the heat. Indeed, they experience a phenomenon of evapotranspiration, which is the process of transferring the water contained in the ground toward the atmosphere by transpiration. It is this phenomenon that makes the atmosphere in the home more breathable when plants are present on or near the exterior walls. If you have not anticipated the heat wave by installing a climbing plant, you'll be happy with potted plants on your terrace and balcony, they will also lower the temperature of your home.

Appliances produce heat when they are on standby
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#5 Turn Off Unnecessary Appliances

Your appliances, as well as computers, televisions and gaming consoles produce heat when they are on standby. Make sure they are turned off to keep your home cool.