5 celebrities whose kids look just like them when they were young

Celebrity lookalikes are nothing new, but have you seen the similarities between pictures of celebrities when they were young and their kids today?

Vanessa Paradis' daughter Lily-Rose looks exactly like her.
Source: IMAGO / United Archives

Do you ever go through old family albums and marvel at how much you look like your parents when they were young? These five celebrities will know the feeling! When they were younger, they looked exactly like their kids do now. Oh yes, their children couldn't be happier about having inherited their parents' genes.

#1 Vanessa Paradis and Lily-Rose Depp

Vanessa Paradis rose to fame early in life. At the age of 14, she released the french track "Joe le taxi" which catapulted her to stardom. When she started dating Johnny Depp, everyone knew her name. The picture above shows her at the age of 21, when she starred in the movie "Elisa".

On the next page, we'll show you what Lily-Rose looks like at the same age!

Lily-Rose Depp looks like her mother when she was young.
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Lily-Rose Depp

The resemblance is uncanny! The 21-year-old model Lily-Rose is the spitting image of her beautiful mother Vanessa. However, she has her father's dark, brown eyes. Right, Johnny Depp?

Mick Jagger and his daughter Georgia May are both goodlooking human beings.
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#2 Mick Jagger and Georgia May Jagger

As the lead singer of the "Rolling Stones", Mick Jagger had an immense influence on the rock 'n' roll genre. Before he became one of the founding members of the band, he actually studied at the London School of Economics. Can you imagine?!

This is what his stunning daughter Georgia May looks like today:

Georgia May Jagger is the spitting image of her father.
Source: IMAGO / Mary Evans

Georgia May Jagger

The prominent lips, her facial bone structure, and her casual attitude - there's no way we could ever question the similarities between her and her rock 'n' roll dad Mick.

Lisa Bonnet's daughter Zoe Kravitz could be her twin.
Source: IMAGO / Everett Collection

#3 Lisa Bonet and Zoë Kravitz

In 1984, Lisa Bonet was cast for the role of Denise Huxtable on "The Cosby Show". Three years later, when she was only 20 years old, she eloped with rock star Lenny Kravitz. To this day, their daughter Zoë looks just like her mom!

Zoe Kravitz looks more like her famous mom than her famous dad.
Source: IMAGO / Starface

Zoe Kravitz

Like mother, like daughter: Zoe Kravitz works as a successful actress, just like her mom! From 2017 to 2019, she starred in the HBO drama series "Big Little Lies" in which everyone both loved and hated her - hated her for her incredible looks, loved her for her undeniable talent and grace.

Don't you think this mother-daughter-duo looks so much alike?

Will Smith and his son Jaden could be lookalikes.
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#4 Will Smith and Jaden Smith

We came to love Will Smith when he was playing, well, kind of himself, in "The Prince of Bel Air". As "Will Smith", Will Smith joked himself into our hearts. His son Jaden looks a lot like him, even though Will rocked an 80s look when he was his son's age and Jaden has a very ... extraordinary taste.

This is what Jaden looks like now:

Jaden Smith is the spitting image of his dad Will.
Source: IMAGO / Starface

Jaden Smith

Their style couldn't be more different, but if you imagine the person beneath the pink hair and the bling grillz, the young actor/singer/rapper/songwriter Jaden Smith looks a lot like his famous dad.

Cindy Crawford looked exactly like Kaia Gerber when she was young.
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#5 Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber

Both Cindy Crawford and her daughter Kaia work as models. Cindy is known for being one of the most prominent models of the 80s and 90s. The mole right above the left side of her mouth was, and still is, her signature feature.

Did Kaia inherit her mother's genes?

Kaia Gerber inherited her mom's good genes.

Kaia Gerber

She doesn't have a mole, but she still looks a lot like her mom Cindy! Kaia is not even 20 years old and has already made her mark in the modeling business. Definitely no surprise with that kind of smile.