Celebs Who Have A Historical Doppelganger

Could there be such a thing as time travel? These historical doppelgangers seem to prove it, because they look nearly exactly the same as celebs from today

A Redditor's granfather.
Source: Reddit

Did all of us live once before? This is just one of the thoughts that pop up while we look at the following historical doppelgangers. They look nearly exactly like famous celebs that live today. 

This Reddit user shared an image of his grandfather and he reminds us of: 

[EmberRainbow via Reddit]

What would Matthew McConaughey say about his Doppelganger?
Source: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

... actor Matthew McConaughey!

Who is up next?

The great-grandfather also looks like an actor.
Source: Imgur

This great-grandfather also reminds us of a famous actor! Dou you know who we think of?

[mwjstone14 via Imgur]

Johnny Depp seems to have an ancient Doppelganger, too.
Source: IMAGO / Everett Collection

This historical doppelganger looked a lot like the young Johnny Depp. How bizarre!

Let's move on!

Two young men from the 70s resemble two Celebs from today.
Source: Reddit

Here we have two doppelgangers in one snap! The young men from the 70s resemble...

[deleted user via Reddit]

The one on the left looked just like Andy Samberg.
Source: IMAGO / UPI Photo

... Andy Samberg and...

Daniel Radcliffe could be a twin of the boy on the right.
Source: IMAGO / Pacific Press Agency

... and a very much younger Daniel Radcliffe!

Let's continue with the next doppelganger!

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This man from BorucJan's Twitter Acount wa in prison a long time ... he was innocent. He could be Justin Timberlake's secret twin if they weren't born about 100 years apart. 


She could be Maisie Williams twin.
Source: Reddit

Do you think that you know this young lady from Game of Thrones? Well, it is just a "normal" great-grandmother.

[DOKKOo via Reddit]

Maisie Williams and the lady before look a lot alike!
Source: Getty Images / Eamonn M. McCormack

Again Maisie Williams? Just kidding, now it is really Maisie. The lady in the previous picture was simply her doppelganger from the past.

A man is taking a Foto and has a lot in common with a Celeb.
Source: Reddit

A great-grandfather from 1894 looks like..? 

[TxSIDES via Reddit]

Ben Afflek seems to have an ancient Doppelganger.
Source: Getty Images / Theo Wargo

... Ben Affleck!

Who is next?

This soldier reminds us a lot of someone we all know!
Source: Reddit

We wish he would be in our family... 

[ihaveN0 via Reddit]

Channing Tatum looks a lot like the soldier from the picture before.
Source: Getty Images / Alberto E. Rodrigue

Channing Tatum, did you know that you kind of existed once before? 

Vampire or time traveller? 

General MacArthur could be an american star in a costume!
Source: Reddit

This general is not a celeb in a costume! Promise.

[ox- via Reddit]

Bruce Willis and the general could be twins.

It was not Bruce Willis, honestly.

We have one more for you:

Auch Andrew Garfieldand his ancient Doppelganger.
Source: Imgur

There is also an ancient Doppelganger for the "Spiderman" Actor Andrew Garfield.

[dogdr840 via Imgur]

In Harlem, 1930, this man was photographed.
Source: Imgur

Who does this man from the 30s reminds you of?

[ImCalledWill via Imgur]

Jay-Z looks a lot like the men from Harlem.
Source: IMAGO / Matrix

Certainly, rapper Jay-Z, right? 

Which doppelganger do you like the most?