This Tea Can Cancel out the Effect of Your Pill

You should avoid drinking this tea in order not to get pregnant. Even if you are taking the pill, this drink could cancel out its effects.

This tea can cancel the contraceptive effect of the pill
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Many women take the pill as a form of contraception. It makes them feel safe from unwanted pregnancy. The pill is supposed to be over 99% safe, but you can still get pregnant despite taking the pill...A young woman from the UK became pregnant because a certain tea weakened the effect of her pill.

On the next page you will find out how this can happen and what type of tea it is.

A young woman got pregnant because a detox tea interfered with her pill.
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This is What Happened to the Young Woman Naomi Salt (26 years old)

She was in a happy relationship but did not want to have children yet. That is why she was taking the pill. Unaware that it affected the effect of her pill, she drank her favorite tea every day and soon found herself pregnant. 

It was a shock to the young woman. Unintentionally pregnant - because of her favorite tea? She told the Daily Mail: "I am over the moon now, but I was shocked and worried at first to say the least. I am regimental about taking my pill and my first reaction was 'how has this happened?'"

You can read about which tea it is on the next page.

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Naomi Drank This Detox Tea Every day

The drink by @booteauk was found to contain laxatives that remove certain substances from the body - unfortunately also the pill. While the laxative effect is of course supposed to help with weight loss, few women who use it know that it can also interfere with the effectiveness of the pill.

But that's not all. Naturally, Naomi went public with her story - and it turns out she wasn't alone. But why aren't women being told about this? 

Find out why on the next page.

The detox tea brand had informed its consumers about a potential interference with the pill.
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BooTea did Inform its Customers About the - Very Weak - Effect of the Tea in the Website's FAQs

It stated that the effect of the pill could be impaired if taken within four hours of the tea - i.e. within the window of the laxative effect. The pill should therefore be taken in the evening before going to bed to allow it to work overnight - before drinking tea in the morning.

All women who have become pregnant with Detox tea have had to realize that this is a serious side effect. In general, you should therefore read carefully about the potential side effects of detox tea before consuming it. 

You can read on the next page what other foods can have a negative effect on the pill.

Always read the instruction leaflet of medication carefully if you take the pill
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Caution is Needed, Especially With Antibiotics

In the case of all kinds of inflammations, the doctor prescribes antibiotics - sometimes without informing the patient that they can affect the pill. If you don't read the instructions carefully, you might be in for a shock. Detox tea can also alter the effect of the pill. So if in doubt, always ask your gynecologist before having an unexpected baby.

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