10 Packages you Always Open the Wrong Way

Actually, we've done pretty well so far. But there's always room for improvement: I bet you always open those packages the wrong way. How to do it right?

Many people open packages of potato chips and chocolate completely wrong because they don't know this special trick yet.
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We all know this situation: we try to open our potato chips or chocolate wrapper in a relaxed way and we are quite impatient about it. At some point, we tear it all apart and finally get our sweet / savory treat. But it would actually be a lot easier if we took one particular trick to heart. Because some packages are designed in such a way that, once you know it, they're pretty easy to open. But we're not the only ones who don't know these clever tricks yet. You probably open these 10 packages the wrong way all the time - without even knowing it!

Let's go !

A package of Toffifee that is much easier to open thanks to a simple trick.
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#1 Toffifee

Have you ever noticed the little circles in the middle of the package between the delicious Toffifees? They are there for a reason! If you push them in, you can reach the Toffifee much easier than if you push from the bottom and sides. Before you know it, you have your candy in your hand, then in your mouth!

Continue with the next package!

On the inside of the package there is a notch to dispense the Tic Tacs.
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#2 Tic Tac

Until now, you probably always had trouble getting the right amount of Tic Tacs out of the package. It took a little dexterity, because you didn't necessarily want to eat six at a time. The solution is simple: there is a small, oval-shaped compartment on the inside of the cap. When you flip the package over and open the lid, exactly one Tic Tac will come out.

I bet you didn't know the next trick yet!

The transparent bottom part of the Merci chocolate can be easily peeled off.
Source: unnuetzes.com

#3 Merci Chocolate

You can't really be accused of gluttony if you nibble on a bar of Merci chocolat from time to time. However, there is a trick to avoid getting your fingers dirty. Have you ever wondered why the wrapper is clear at the bottom? Well, it's because it's so easy to peel it off and eat the chocolate on top. Without having to touch the whole chocolate.

The next package can also be quite annoying.

If you turn the bag of chips over ahead of time, you will be able to grab the chips better.
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#4 Bag of Chips

Actually, we usually have no problem opening a bag of chips, but maybe we do it wrong anyway? Because some bags make a complete mess if you tear too hard. As a little trick, you can poke a few holes in the bag beforehand so that the air escapes. If you still want to experience pure pleasure, you can also ideally turn the edges of the bag upside down, which will allow you to grab the chips much better. 

Speaking of chips...

The Pringles box also has a simple packaging trick that many people don't know.
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#5 Pringles Boxes

While we're on the subject of potato chip packaging: Pringles have a different shape than most other packagings. And you've probably noticed that you can't reach the chips at the bottom very well with your hand. The more you eat, the more your pleasant evening turns into acrobatic hand contortions. There is a simple solution: fold a sheet of paper and place it in the box under the chips. Then you can carefully lay the wrapper down so that the paper is at the bottom. If you now carefully pull the paper, you can pull the chips out and enjoy them most effortlessly.

We have also been eating another sweet the wrong way for years!

There is also a very simple trick for Toblerone that makes it easier to open the package.
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#6 Toblerone

Most people manage to rip open the Toblerone wrapper with no problem. After all, all you have to do is remove the cardboard and foil and the delicious piece of chocolate is ready to be popped into your mouth. But stop! Many people make a mistake here: instead of separating the piece of chocolate from the rest, it is much better to break the triangle in the other direction. Clever!

I bet you always get the next trick wrong, too!

You should also tap the sides of the can beforehand so that it does not foam.
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#7 Soda Cans

Many soft drinkers who like to enjoy their Coke fresh from a can often tap the lid before opening the can. After all, you don't want the foam to overflow. But despite this measure, sometimes the can splashes and we are left with a mess. There is a very simple trick to avoid this: instead of tapping the top of the can, you should tap the sides of the can first – because little bubbles that can rise up when you open the can and ruin your well-deserved drink can accumulate there too.

Tell me, how are you doing with Post-it Notes?

If you tear the Post-it notes from the side, they stay flat longer.
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#8 Post-its

You probably always pull a Post-it Note from the bottom to the top, because it's intuitive and makes sense at first glance. After all, Post-it Notes are attached at the top. Unfortunately, this is a well-known mistake: Post-it Notes usually roll up when you tear them from the bottom. It would be better to rip them from the side, because that way the note stays straight.

The following packaging regularly annoys us.

Even hard plastic packages can be easily opened with a can opener.
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#9 Hard Plastic Packaging

Who doesn't know the following problem: when you buy new printer cartridges or electronic accessories, they usually come in a hard plastic package. You try to open them with force and a lot of patience and usually you don't emerge unscathed. But there is a solution for that too. With a simple can opener, you can cut the packaging around the edges.

And we also had to struggle with the last type of packaging.

There are several tricks to make opening a Tetra Pak easier.
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#10 Tetra Pak

Who hasn't experienced this? When you've finally finished a Tetra Pack, you shake it briefly and it feels like there's still a little left. But it doesn't want to come out of the package. Therefore, if you want to make sure that everything is out, you can, for example, cut the corners of the Tetra Pak and unfold all the other corners.

Another trick is to turn the package upside down and pour the liquid through the same opening but from the other side. This way you don't spill anything.

So helpful!

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