That's What The "Little Pocket" In Your Panties Is For!

Have you ever noticed it? Every pair of panties has a little pocket. But what is it really for? We will explain it to you:

A panty with a small pocket
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Bras, Panties and Co. 

They are our daily companions: panties of all shapes and colors. Whether it's a thong, a hipster or a "granny slip", different types of underwear are adapted to each silhouette and each taste. But what is the purpose of the little "pocket" on the underwear?

Have you ever noticed that little piece of fabric sewn into your underwear that forms a kind of "pocket"? Maybe you never thought about it. After all, it's not the biggest pocket; maybe you could carry a lipstick or a tampon in it, but it wouldn't be very comfortable. Nevertheless, the pocket is present in every pair of underpants, so it must have a useful function. But which one? 

First of all, this "pocket" has a name and is called a "gusset". In the past, this small piece of fabric was found in many garments; today, it is only used in underwear and jackets.

And for what? Find out what the gusset is used for on the next page!

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1. Cover

The gusset plays a particularly important role in lace undergarments, because due to the transparency of the fabric, the intimate area would be visually exposed without it. The gusset is also important in swimwear because the sewn-in piece of fabric prevents the garment from becoming too "see-through" when in contact with water.

2. Fitting

Tights, in particular, would be virtually impossible to wear without the sewn-in gusset, as they would otherwise cut into the crotch. The gusset provides a space between the tights and the genital area. 

3. Hygiene

This is probably the most important aspect of the gusset: it absorbs secretions and sweat, and the "pocket" at the bottom ensures better air circulation and drying. This makes it more difficult for fungus and infections of all kinds to take hold. Some gussets even have an antibacterial effect.

Think you know everything about your underwear now? We bet you don't! On the next page, we'll reveal some ingenious tips for getting the most out of your bra!

Many panties have a cute bow on them for an interesting reason.
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What's The Bow On Women's Underwear For?

Elegant lingerie often has a little bow or a pearl in the front. This kind of decoration isn't there by coincidence.

One Reddit user reveals: “It comes from pre-elastic days, when your underthings were held in place by a bit of ribbon threaded through the eyelet lace at the tops. The little bow is where you tied that ribbon, and of course it's in the front because that's the easiest place to do something like that.“

[atenea-del-sol via Reddit]

There could be another reason for it though:

The little bow in the front of women's underwear has a historical tradition.
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The platform Freeda explained the other possible reason: Before electricity became an indispensable part of our lives, many women had to get up in the morning way before sunrise, in the dark. In order to differentiate between the front and the back of their underwear, a little bow was applied to the front. The bow let the women know which way to put on the panty. To be completely honest, this hack can still be useful today – or are we the only ones who put on panties the wrong way round every now and then?

Talking about hacks – you should know these helpful ones for bras!

A woman wears a bra
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The bra is every woman's best friend. It shapes, enhances or minimizes - and looks great too. But do you know all the tricks you can use to turn your bra into a versatile device?

1. Bare Back - But Still With a Bra

Especially in the summer, a beautiful halter top can look amazing - but a bra is not part of the picture! However, many women still don't want to leave the house without a bra. With this tip, you can have a bare back without having to give up your bra: Take an old bra and sew it into the halter dress. There you go: you now have a backless dress!

2. X-Top - But no X-Bra?

No problem! You don't need to buy a new bra for a top with x-shaped straps. Bra clasps are all you need to turn a regular bra into an X bra by holding the straps together in the back. If necessary, you can also use a paper clip!

More ingenious tips on the next page!

A woman wears a bare back with a bra
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3. Bare Back With Bra - But Elegant

With this alternative you will attract all eyes, and it is very easy to make it yourself: Take an old bra, cut the straps and the back band and sew in three elastic bands in the color of your choice instead. 

4. No More Pain

Do your straps cut into your shoulders uncomfortably, but are already extended all the way? In that case, the "shoulder pads" are your solution. They are made of silicone and serve as a cushion. Like this, you'll never be in pain again!

If your suspenders are worn out instead of cut, you should definitely invest in a wash net and always wash them in it. That way, your straps will never overstretch in the washing machine again! 

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