Maggots in Garbage Cans: 3 Effective Hacks To Finally Get Rid Of Them

Maggots have a bad habit of thriving in garbage cans. Here are some hacks on how to get rid of them or even eliminate them permanently.

Avoiding maggots in your garbage
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Maggots have a bad habit of appearing in garbage cans. As the humidity rises and decaying food accumulates, flies come to lay their eggs. All it takes is one fly to lay eggs, and suddenly little white larvae will burst into your garbage can, turning it into a maggot nursery. Fortunately, there are effective hacks to get rid of this unpleasant sight. Here's how to avoid maggots in your trash!

3 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Maggots:

However, there are a few more tricks that can help get rid of maggots. Try one of the following:

Vinegar Spray is effective against maggots
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#1 Rinse the Garbage Can and Spray it With Vinegar

In the middle of summer, you should rinse and clean the garbage can several times. After a good rinse with a garden hose, you can also spray vinegar on it. To do this, fill a spray bottle with a little household vinegar mixed with water and spray your garbage can heavily. You can also wipe the bin with vinegar-soaked rags. Flies do not like the smell of vinegar and should be discouraged.

Wrap your wastes in newspaper against rotting smells
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#2 Wrap Kitchen Waste in Newspaper

Flies are attracted to wet rotting smells. If you wrap kitchen waste in newspaper, the newspaper absorbs the liquid and there is less of a rotting smell. This attracts fewer flies and fewer larvae appear. Protein-containing waste and leftovers from lunch, in particular, should always be wrapped in newspaper and disposed of in the organic waste garbage can. Also, used cat litter and dog feces should not be put in the waste garbage can.

Dry hay retains moisture and less decomposition gases are formed
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#3 Dry Grass or Hay

To keep the trash can dry, hay or dry grass is also useful. This can be grass mowed in the garden or in a field. It retains moisture and less decomposition gases are formed or cannot escape as easily.

In general, organic waste should never be exposed to extreme sunlight, if at all possible. And it should be cleaned regularly. This will ensure that the annoying maggot infestation is not as bad when it is hot.

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