13 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Cats often express their love differently than you might expect. Here are 13 signs that your cat really loves you! And it's pretty amazing

There are many signs that cats trust and appreciate their humans.
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Unfortunately, cats have a reputation for being unpredictable. Stories like the one about a cat who "adopted" four motherless puppies without hesitation show us how caring they can be! But even without these heroic, heartwarming actions, cats show us again and again how much they've taken us into their hearts. These 13 signs tell you how much your cat loves you!

The cat shows its love when you stroke its belly.
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#1 You Can Pet Their Belly

Have you ever noticed that dogs often lie on their backs when playing, thus submitting? In the same way, cats also make themselves vulnerable. By exposing their belly, your cat is saying: I trust you to scratch my fluffy belly!

It's another way for them to signal their love for you:

Cats express their love by "cleaning" their humans, that is, by licking them.
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#2 They "Clean" You

What does it mean when your cat licks you? It's one of the greatest signs of love, as it expresses the fact that you are part of their family. Cats groom each other's fur when they like and belong to each other. Even as mothers, female cats cement their relationship with their kittens by licking them. So now you're part of their gang.

What does your four-legged friend do at night?

Cats love their owners when they sleep in the same bed as them.
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#3 You Wake Up in The Morning with Your Cat Next to You in Bed.

Pets can sleep anywhere, whether it's in a tree trunk (yes, you read that right) or in a hammock - cats are true sleep artists! But when your four-legged friend decides to sleep next to you - yes, even in your bed - the love is real. You know when you're working on your laptop or reading something and your cat suddenly jumps on your lap? That's their way of telling you: you better kiss me right this second, I'm more important than work! And how right they are!

Look at their eyes too...

Cats also signal that they love their owners with a wink.
Source: imago images / Westend61

#4 They Wink at You

You're sitting together in the living room, your eyes meet and they give you a glare, wink at you once, twice, three times. What does that mean? "I love you," is what it means! By winking back, you are telling them that the love is mutual.

Does your cat talk to you like this often?

Cats that meow a lot are trying to communicate with their humans and often show their affection through this.
Source: imago images / blickwinkel

#5 Your Cat Tells You Stories

Well, when your cat meows, it's not necessarily an expression of affection. Sometimes cats meow when their food bowl is empty or when they are stressed. So it's very important to pay attention to the context in which your cat meows. Does it come running to you, jump on your lap and make a few sounds? Then you can be sure that it is expressing well-being.

The position of their tail also indicates whether your cat likes you or not.

The position of the cat's tail reveals whether it likes its human counterpart.
Source: imago images / blickwinkel

#6 Its Tail is Shaped Like a Question Mark.

As in the previous scenario, your cat is wagging happily at you. If its tail is erect or curves like a question mark, it means something like "I love you, human!".

You know the next sign of their love for sure.

Cats show their love by stroking people around their legs.
Source: imago images / Westend61

#7 Your Cat Rubs Against Your Legs

They often do this when it comes to feeding - your cat affectionately pats itself around your legs because it loves you. If it does this even without you holding a can of Whiskas, then your cat's affection for you is boundless!

The next sign can sometimes be a little unpleasant!

A cat shows that it is extremely attached to its humans.
Source: imago images / Westend61

#8 Your Feline Gives You a Little Massage

Have you ever noticed that your cat starts kneading you with her paws while purring? This sign comes from childhood, when it stimulated its mother's milk flow by kneading her belly. Even if sometimes the claws are out when it does this: This sign is an incredibly beautiful proof of love!

Does it do the following with its little head?

Cats that rub their heads against humans spread their scent and mark them as "theirs".
Source: imago images / blickwinkel

#9 Your Kitten Rubs its Head Against Yours

This behavior has a very pragmatic - but heartwarming - reason. When your cat rubs its head against you or scratches its nose against yours, it is spreading its scent on you and marking you as "their own". This shows the other cats that you are already "their human". Cute!

Let's move on to the next golden sign:

When cats bring gifts, i.e. mice or birds, they confess their love to humans.
Source: imago images / imagebroker

#10 It Brings You "Gifts"

Even though you're probably not happy about it: a cat who suddenly stands in front of you with a mouse in their mouth does it out of love. Yes, cats show you how important you are to them by bringing you "presents". Maybe you can train it to bring you a piece of chocolate instead!

And how does your cat show you that it loves you?

The cat shows that he loves the woman.
Source: imago images / VWPics RF

#11 Your Tabby Snuggles Up to You More Often

Another sign that your cat loves you is that it snuggles with you more often. Not only do you enjoy the intimacy and cuddling, but your cat also loves you and is showing you that it feels good.

Cats seek out the proximity of humans when they like them.
Source: IMAGO / Addictive Stock

#12 It Seeks Your Closeness 

Snuggling, cuddling and bringing a mouse are not the only signs of a cat who loves their owner above all else, but also the need for closeness. When your cute little cat scratches your couch again, perhaps to hop over to your side, think about that feeling... 

Many cats "ask for milk" from humans because they were separated from their mothers at a very young age.
Source: imago images / blickwinkel

#13 It Kneads You With Its Paws

It sounds a little strange at first, but it makes sense in the end. You may be familiar with the moment when your kitten lies on top of you and starts "pulling" on your upper body (mostly your chest) with its paws. Like babies, cats are milk-fed by their mothers. So they seek milk from their "new mom" (in this case, you). This is not a bad thing, but rather a sign of great affection! 

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