Dog Adorably Cares for Stray Kitten - Who Follows Her Home!

A stray kitten and a dog meet on the streets. The kitten follows the dog named Toast home, who takes the kitten under her wings and becomes her new mom!

A dog carefully cleans a kitten.
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Keep a pack of pocket tissues close, because this story is going to make you tear up! A stray kitten and a female dog named Toast meet on the streets for the first time. Apparently, the dog sends out really good vibes, so the kitten decides to follow her new friend, the dog, home. The cat is not even interested in the human with whom she has decided to live now. Instead, she chooses Toast to be her new mom. Toast quickly takes a shine to the tiny kitten and starts taking care of the baby cat! The Facebook page The Dodo shared a heartwarming video of their story.

We might have shed a tear or two while writing this story. It will warm up your heart.

A sweet stray kitten sits in a dog bowl.
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Toast and the Kitten Meet for the First Time

While Toast's human mom Lucie first thought that the kitten's mom must be somewhere around, it turns out that the tiny cat was all on its own. Without hesitation, it starts following Toast and even goes straight into her home! Toast immediately decides to become the kitten's new mom.

When Lucie fills Toast's dog bowl, it's not Toast who gets the first bite but the kitten! Toast adorably allows the kitten to fill its stomach first.

With each passing day, the bond between cat and dog grows stronger and stronger...

The female dog protects the stray kitten.
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Toast Lovingly Takes Care of the Kitten

Turns out Toast is a very protective mom! Whenever the kitten gets too adventurous, for example, when she gets too close to the swimming pool, Toast intervenes. She grabs the kitten by the neck and carries her back to safety! The female dog even seems to get anxious when her new fosterling is out of sight. She prefers cuddling so she can be sure the cat is close to her! We cannot cope with the sweetness!

This is the moment when Toast becomes the kitten's new mom for good:

A dog and a kitten cuddle.
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Toast Starts Nursing the Kitten

At one point, Lucie notices that the kitten kneads Toast's stomach with her paws - the milk tread. A little worried, Lucie calls the vet. The vet assures her that there's nothing to worry about. Toast experiences what is called a stress pregnancy, because she's aware of the kitten needing a mom! 

What does Toast's owner Lucie have to say about the new "mother-daughter" relationship?

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Lucie is Impressed by Her Dog's Intuitiveness

Lucie comments on their relationship as follows: "I've always felt that animals are super instinctive and nature is well done. Toast especially, she's so human that she really just works on emotions. She has very strong instincts." It's amazing to see that Toast understands that the little kitten needs a new mom - and took it on herself to fill that role. I mean, have you ever heard of a dog who voluntarily shares its food?!

This story once again shows us what special creatures dogs are. They give love not only to humans but to seemingly everyone who is in need of a little attention. Their capacity to give love seems inexhaustible and they are equally worthy of love and attention. We as humans should not only profit from their affection, but also give it back.