Hilarious Signs That Are Too Funny For Words

Sometimes signs are more meaningful than words. But the signs you are about to see are so funny that they will leave you speechless!

Remember what the valet who parked your car looks like
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Sometimes signs are more powerful than words. We've collected the best funny signs from Reddit for you in this article. Some will leave you speechless

Here we go!

#1 We Do Not Have Valet Parking 

Fake valet scams are actually fairly common in high traffic areas, as are "parking attendant" scams. Never give your money or your keys to a stranger in a parking lot unless you know for sure they're legit.

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Users have left a review
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#2 Bathroom of the Year

And yes, you are not dreaming! This is a 5-star toilet. Some former guests have spent unforgettable moments there and have left hilarious comments!

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Please urinate with precision and elegance
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#3 It is Important to Specify...

This sign is more than necessary in some public toilets. But a question comes to our mind: "How to urinate with elegance? "

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Unsupervised children will be used as crab bait
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#4  Never Leave Your Children Alone 

In general, it is best not to leave your children unsupervised. You never know what can happen. But here is a good reason not to leave them alone. You can even use this threat to your advantage to keep your children calm!

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A big nose is not an excuse for no mask
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#5 Mandatory Mask

We have heard all kinds of excuses for not wearing a mask. But this store found the perfect slogan to require the mask. The poster is hilarious!

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No smoking, No dogs
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#6 You Can't Tell Snoop Dogg What to Do & What Not to Do 

Many public places are forbidden to pets and often you're also not allowed to smoking. We always see these kinds of signs on beaches or in parks. But why not kill two birds with one stone... Have you ever seen a dog that smokes?

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We are looking for graphic designer
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#7 Job Offer

Indeed, this company really needs a graphic designer. The sign speaks for itself. We can relate to their distress!

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Flushes 7 billiard balls in a single flush
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#8 High Performance Toilets 

It's well known that Americans always want more and have a slight tendency to exaggerate everything. It is common to see products with oversized sizes in supermarkets. Here is a toilet with a flush with a disproportionate performance. But the comparison to evaluate the performance of the product is a bit... strange. We can say that Americans will measure with anything but metric! 

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I learn from the mistakes of people who took my advice
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#9 Never Stop Learning

In general, we always learn from our mistakes. But here the maneuver is even more clever than that. At least you don't take too many risks...

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Tent poles are not for pole dancing
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#10 Recurrent Incidents 

We think that the owners are more than tired of seeing pole dancing shows. The message is very clear!

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