These are Your Best Qualities - According to Your Zodiac Sign

Many of us have become semi-professional astrologers - the hype is real. If you haven't heard about your zodiac sign's best qualities yet, now is the time:

Some zodiac signs are really good friends.
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Since astrology has become an integral part of most people's social media routine (at least one astrology-related post will pop up on our Instagram feed), you're probably well aware of your qualities according to your zodiac sign. Websites dedicated to the intricacies of astrology, and the details of a zodiac sign's characteristics, usually list both a sign's best and worst qualities. As we tend to remember the bad sides about ourselves more accurately than the positive ones, we've compiled a list of only the good stuff

Here we go...

Capricorn are known for being stubborn, but they are also a lot of fun.
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#1 Capricorn

If you are - or know - a Capricorn, you might know about their stubbornness. Though, this is what makes them so successful! Their determination to achieve their goals is truly awe-inspiring. On top of that, they're amazing friends. Capricorns know how to make a crowd laugh, whether that's a group of friends or work colleagues. They never fail to surprise their fellow human beings - and yes, sometimes that means putting on a toilet paper Snapchat filter during a Zoom meeting. 

The zodiac sign Aquarius is known for its creativity.
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#2 Aquarius

Those born under the Aquarius sign are characterized by their ability to think outside the box. At times, their rather unconventional ideas encounter resistance, but in the long run, their creativity and originality will pay off. We're talking about changes both on a small and on a large scale. 

Pisces are very creative.
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#3 Pisces

Pisces are very empathetic. While that can be challenging at times, this sensitivity can support them in navigating difficult situations. Pisces are careful when it comes to making big decisions and their intuition tells them who to trust and who to part from. This can protect them from some serious heartbreak, whether we're talking about romantic relationships or friendships.

Aries can be very loyal.
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#4 Aries 

Occasionally, brutal honesty can be just that - really brutal. However, those who are lucky enough to call themselves friends of an Aries, are guaranteed to not be lied to. On top of that, when they fall in love, they mean it - and can be so very romantic. 

Taureans' best quality is their mindfulness.
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#5 Taurus

We could all need a bit more Zen in our lives, and this is exactly where Taureans come into play. Their ability to enjoy the present moment will make some followers of New Age spirituality blush.

Gemini's character strength is that they are very loyal.
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#6 Gemini

Geminis are really loyal gems. Whether someone needs advice about crush-related drama or just a shoulder to cry on, Geminis are there for them. However, they should be careful of cherishing and maintaining their own well-being, too. You can't always put others first.

A Cancer person is quick to protect their friends and family.
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#7 Cancer

One of the most prominent Cancer character traits is their caring nature. This includes being protective of friends and family. People who know a Cancer feel very special around them! The right people treasure Cancers for this personality trait and give them back what they deserve: all the love. 

People born under Leo are quite generous.
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#8 Leo 

Though Leos are very confident, they are also known for their big heart. The best thing people born under this zodiac sign can do is to combine their generosity with their passion for being in the limelight. You can achieve great things!

Virgos have a pretty relaxed personality.
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#9 Virgo

Virgos have high standards but they also have the patience to wait for great things to happen. Though Virgos are usually pretty relaxed, they sometimes don't solve disagreements right away ... this can turn into a bomb ready to explode!

Libras like to be heard.
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#10 Libra

Libras like having things their way. What's good about this character trait is that they also make sure their suggestions and opinions are heard. You really can't overlook a Libra's ideas. 

Scorpios might not seem nice at first, but they are very sweet when you get to know them.
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#11 Scorpio

Scorpios seem quite intense to new people, but if you really get to know them, they radiate a calmness and niceness that means even more when you know: You're one of the few people who are allowed to enjoy this special side of them. 

Sagittarius can have quite a dreamy side to them.
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#12 Sagittarius

People who are born in Sagittarius season like a good story and sometimes that means embellishing what really happened. People enjoy their skillful storytelling and appreciate - whether knowingly or not - the inventiveness a Sagittarius displays.