Woman Breastfeeds Boyfriend At 36 Years Old

What seems absurd and extraordinary to many people is ordinary to this woman: because she is breastfeeding her boyfriend at 36!

This man is breastfed by his girlfriend.
Source: imago images / Westend61/ Symbolic Image

There are many ways for men to say "I love you" without saying it. There are also all sorts of strange things they do that we women don't understand at all. This article is about an unusual love story between two adults, because they are bound by something that almost no other couple shares: breast milk. If you're already surprised, you'll want to look forward to the next few pages, where you'll learn how and why this woman is still breastfeeding her boyfriend at the age of 36:

This 36-year-old woman is breastfeeding her boyfriend.
Source: IMAGO / agefotostock

She is Breastfeeding Her Boyfriend - at 36!

First of all, the fact that a grown man is still being breastfed seems strange. After all, who still breastfeeds a man at the age of 36? Jennifer Mulford from Atlanta,  Georgia, USA even does it regularly: namely every two hours! But Jennifer gave a relatively plausible reason why she does it all: the mother-child bond. Does this still seem strange to you? The 36-year-old goes on to say that she wants to try the "adult" version of the "mother-child bond."

After all, breast milk is not only supposed to be healthy, but also known to strengthen the bond between mother and child. Makes you wonder if that's why her boyfriend wants it so badly. Of course, he's not strengthening the bond with his own mother, but with his girlfriend.

That's why Brad Leeson, as Jennifer Mulford's boyfriend is called, loves this maternal ritual:

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This is Why Her Boyfriend Likes to be Breastfed:

Jennifer's boyfriend's reasons for breastfeeding are: His girlfriend's breast milk gives him important nutrients, which he can use well as a bodybuilder. On top of that, the milk tastes simply delicious! 

In fact, the young waitress even gave up her job so that she could perfectly fulfill the task of the breastfeeding girlfriend! After all, as a mother, a woman has to be on duty or available 24 hours a day. 

During the day, the young woman breastfeeds Brad a total of 12 times, including overnight! Anyone who thinks that Jennifer is pregnant and is therefore using the "extra" breast milk is mistaken, because she was pregnant 20 years ago! By the way, breastfeeding has an attachment character for both of them, which not only brings them closer, but also strengthens their bond - even physically!

The mother feeds her child.
Source: imago images / CHROMORANGE

The Nutrients in Breast Milk

As a mother-to-be, it is normal to find that your breasts become larger and heavier after a while. This is called the 'milk rush', which starts shortly after giving birth. But how much breast milk does a little baby really drink at first? It is considered that a baby needs 30 milliliters of breast milk per feeding. This means a daily intake of 200 to 250 milliliters! In the second week of life, it is already up to 300 to 450 milliliters.

Moreover, breast milk contains more than 200 ingredients and is considered extremely nutritious because it automatically adapts to the child's nutritional needs. No wonder grown men are thinking of trying it...

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