15 Details About "Gilmore Girls" You Probably Didn't Notice

We love the little inconspicuous details in movies and TV shows. Even more so when they come from a cult series like Gilmore Girls! Have you noticed them?

There was almost no "Jackson" in Gilmore Girls.
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Six seasons long, we rooted for Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory as they turned the town of Stars Hollow upside down. There was drama, there was comedy - the "Gilmore Girls" are simply one of our favorite shows! So we've prepared a summary of 15 small details here that you probably didn't know and didn't notice! 

#1 Jackson Was Only Supposed to be There for a Short Time

Jackson Douglas, the "Jackson" actor, said in an interview that his role was actually only scheduled for a few occasional guest appearances in some episodes. But the chemistry between him and Melissa McCarthy ("Sookie") was just perfect, which is why the filmmakers decided that his role should return. 

Let's continue with number #2!

Luke has become one of the most popular roles in the series.
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#2 Gilmore Girls Without Luke

To be honest, we couldn't imagine the show without "Luke Danes". But in fact, the role was never meant to exist in that form in the first place. Originally, a female role called "Daisy" was planned instead. 

Let's move on!

Many will have noticed the length of the texts in the series.
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#3 Long Scripts

Did you also notice that the dialogues with the funny parts were always super fast? That's what the series was known for and it's reflected in the scripts of course: they were 20-30 pages longer than the other scripts!

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Rory Gilmore is a real bookworm.
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#4 A Lot of Books

From time to time, books were mentioned in the episodes. In total, that's about exactly 399 books mentioned in all 7 seasons! 

Let's move on!

The actress Alexis Bledel does not like coffee at all.
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#5 Cola Instead of Coffee

"Rory" always drank a lot of coffee on the show. But in real life, actress Alexis Bledel doesn't like coffee at all, so when she was filming, her coffee cup was always filled with Coke. 

Let's move on!

In every episode, the Gilmore Girls drink coffee.
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#6 Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Speaking of coffee: "Lorelai" and her daughter "Rory" drank a total of 397 cups of coffee in 153 episodes. "Lorelai" alone drank 259 cups. Most of them at "Luke's" - where else!

Let's move on!

The role of Rory would almost have been given to someone else.
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#7 Paris Instead of Rory

We all know Liza Weil as "Paris Gellar". Originally, the actress applied for the role of "Rory". The producers, however, thought she wasn't right for the role of "Paris", so that's what she got. 

Let's move on!

Lauren Graham even took language training for "Gilmore Girls".
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#8 Talking Fast

On set, there was a voice coach, especially for the scenes where there is a lot of talking. The coach said that Lauren Graham was the best at speaking fast!

Let's move on!

The shooting of the cult series was extremely long.
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#9 Long Shooting Times

Remember the city meetings? Those scenes required up to 20 hours of shooting time because there was a lot of footage needed here. 

Let's move on!

There is even a real model for "Stars Hollow".
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#10 Stars Hollow is Based on a Town That Actually Exists!

Did you think the town of Stars Hollow was fictional? Even though the name is indeed fictional, there is a town in Connecticut that serves as the inspiration for the series and Stars Hollow. Producer Amy Sherman-Palladino not only vacationed there, but also came up with the idea for the "Gilmore Girls" series.

"Gilmore Girls" was cancelled rather suddenly.
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#11 The Seventh Season

Especially the end of the seventh season did not make us happy at all! Indeed, the producers themselves did not know yet if the series would be cancelled or if it would continue to be filmed. 

Lorelai Gilmore has a special relationship with her parents.
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#12 Friday Dinners

Lauren Graham's favorite scenes were the weekly Friday dinners at her grandparents' house! This is probably not what "Lorelai" had in mind, but you can see how different the roles and characters can be. 

"Rory Gilmore" was Alexis Bledel's very first role.
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#13 Alexis Bledel

By the way, the role of "Rory Gilmore" was the very first role of the actress! We think she played it amazingly, don't you?

Rory Gilmore knows exactly what she wants.
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#14 Team Rory

Alexis says she is "Team Rory" because Rory lives her life the way she wants to. That's the most important thing to the actress. 

The series still has many fans today.
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#15 Sequel

Amy Sherman-Palladino has always wanted a sequel to "Gilmore Girls", preferably as a movie. It remains to be seen whether we can watch such a movie on the big screen one day. Until then, we'll simply watch the sequel "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" on Netflix!

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