Famous Relatives: Celebrities Who Are Related to Each Other

These celebrities are famous relatives! Some of them are related to equally successful stars, others to royals. We guarantee that you'll be surprised:

Johnny Depp has a famous relative, namely the Queen herself.
Source: imago images / Starface

DNA analysis for genealogical research is a hot trend at the moment. Many people dream of finding out that they're related to a famous person – celebrities, someone belonging to a royal family, you name it! These celebs aren't only famous themselves, but have illustrious relatives on top of that.

1) Johnny Depp

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor is supposedly related to the aristocrat. According to genealogists, Johnny Depp has the same great-great-grandfather as Queen Elizabeth II! Do you see any similarities between the two...?

Hilary Duff is supposedly related to Queen Elizabeth II.
Source: imago images / Cinema Publishers Collection

2) Hilary Duff

The "Cinderella Story" actress is apparently a distant relative of the Queen! She is a descendant of the myth-enshrouded King Richard III. He was the last King of England to die on the battlefield.

Due to this kinship, the Queen and Hilary Duff, who is only 1.57 m tall, are 18th cousins.

Meghan Markle was royal blood even before marrying Prince Harry.
Source: imago images / i Images

3) Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle didn't even have to marry Prince Harry in order to have royal blood running through her veins! Her family are descendants of King Edward III, who reigned England and Wales in the Middle Ages. That also means that Meghan and Harry are very distant relatives. When it comes to Americans, it's quite common to be related to British royalty, though, since countless British puritans escaped religious persecution in England in the 17th by fleeing to North America.

Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal also come of a British king.
Source: imago images / ZUMA Press

4) Maggie & Jake Gyllenhaal

Although they have the same surname, most people don't know that Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal are in fact siblings! Plus: they're descendants of King Henry I.

King Henry I was known for making unusual decisions. He was responsible for reuniting the two domains his father had left to his brothers. On top of that, he appointed his daughter Matilda to be the rightful heiress to the throne. 

Elle and Dakota Fanning are descendent of Edward III.
Source: imago images / ZUMA Press

5) Elle & Dakota Fanning

These famous sisters are of royal blood, too! Just like Duchess Kate of Cambridge, the Fanning family are descendants of King Edward III! Accordingly, Elle is Kate's 21st cousin! We always thought that these two fairy sisters have an aristocratic air to them, but didn't know that they're actually related to British royalty!

Madonna and Hillary Clinton are relatives, even if they're only distantly related to each other!
Source: IMAGO / eventfoto54 / IMAGO / Matrix

6) Hillary Clinton & Madonna

Although only distantly related, the former First Lady is related to the Queen of Pop! A genealogist from Washington found out that they are 10th cousins. We can't imagine what a family reunion would be like – it would surely be anything but boring!

The Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are sisters with the renowned actress Elizabeth Olsen.
Source: IMAGO / Future Image

7) Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen & Elizabeth Olsen

Now that you see them all together, scales suddenly fall from your eyes, right? It's true, the famous Olsen Twins are related to their similarly successful sister Elizabeth Olsen. While the twins were child stars – you surely remember that they both played "Michelle Tanner" on "Full House" – their sister entered the acting business a tiny bit later. She started acting at age four. She did reveal, though, that she took a break from acting when she was ten, because she didn't want to be successful only because of her famous last name. Today, she's best known for her role as Wanda in Marvel's WandaVision!

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