12 Celebrities Who've Changed A Lot Since They First Became Famous

Some of the following celebrities had plastic surgery, others didn't look after themselves. They changed a lot over the years:

John Travolta supposedly had a face lift.
Source: imago images / ZUMA Press

We all know that celebrities are under a lot of pressure. Apart from strutting over the red carpets of the world, they are expected to look perfect at all times. Youth as a beauty ideal is mostly only attainable as long as one actually is young. That's why many celebs ask for the help of cosmetic surgeons in their quest for eternal youth. Quite often, plastic surgeries don't have the desired effect. With or without surgery, the following celebrities changed quite a bit.

#1 John Travolta

Back in the day, women went crazy for  John Travolta. He earned his place in our hearts by playing the part of "Danny Zuko" in Grease.

The beauty craze seems to have caught up with Travolta. His face looks increasingly frozen, which is apparently caused by a face lift and Botox.

Brendan Fraser didn't age too well.
Source: Getty Images

#2 Brendan Fraser 

What happened to Brendan Fraser? We remember him all too well in his role as "George" in "George of the Jungle". Work and pressure seem to have left their mark, seemingly supported by an unhealthy diet.

Kevin Federline looks very different from when he was dating Britney Spears.
Source: imago images / APress

#3 Kevin Federline

Kevin Federline rose to international fame when he started dating Britney Spears. Their ensuing marriage from 2004 to 2006 was the reason for his numerous appearances in the yellow press. While the former dancer's appearance has changed, he still looks good today.

Rob Kardashian has gained quite some weight.
Source: https://www.imago-images.de/st/0071334424

#4 Rob Kardashian

Yes, of course, sooner or later we had to bring up at least one of the Kardashians. Today, Rob looks nothing like his younger self! Here, he is pictured with ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna.

Macaulay Culkin went through a rough patch.
Source: IMAGO / APress

#5 Macaulay Culkin

We adored Macaulay Culkin in "Home Alone"! What happened to the innocent-looking kid? Culkin went through a rough patch, including substance abuse. While he appears to be on the road to recovery, his past behavior hasn't failed to leave its mark on him.

Melanie Griffith didn't want to age and went to the beauty doc.
Source: imago images / The Photo Access

#6 Melanie Griffith

There's no denying that Melanie Griffith had plastic surgery. In an interview back in 2017, the actress admitted that she regrets going under the knife. She only noticed what she had done when people started commenting on her new looks...

Courteney Cox had too much plastic surgery.
Source: IMAGO / APress

#7 Courteney Cox

Her role as "Monica" in the sitcom "Friends" is absolutely iconic! Courteney Cox was one of the extremely good-looking actresses back in the 90s, even if she too tried out some of the embarrassing trends of the 90s and early 2000s . Over the years she had several fillers which changed her appearance quite a bit. For a while, we almost didn't recognize her. Today, she's spoken out about having had her fillers removed. She's returned to her naturally beautiful face.

Linda Kozlowski lost her natural beauty to cosmetic surgery.
Source: IMAGO / Mary Evans

#8 Linda Kozlowski

We know the actress from her role in "Crocodile Dundee". When she turned her back on the movie business at age 60, it were her medical procedures that drew attention to Kozlowski.

Katie Price's appearance has changed a lot over the years.
Source: IMAGO / Mary Evans

#9 Katie Price

The English model quickly enchanted us with her breathtaking beauty. Due to plastic surgery, her face has changed a lot in the past - not always a desired result. Today, she rocks quite a different look.

Britney Spears has tried lip fillers.
Source: imago images / APress

#10 Britney Spears

The 90s idol's song "Hit Me Baby One More Time" will live rent-free in our heads for eternity. Despite having an incredibly tough life and practically no privacy as long as paparazzi are around, she still has that "Britney spark". Up until now, the singer has only tried lip fillers.

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Britney's Sons Have Grown up!

It's not just Britney Spears and Kevin Federline who have changed over the years, their sons Sean and Jayden obviously did so, as well. A recent photo post, shared by one of Federline's friends, @emoofficial718, shows how grown up the two look today. Jayden appears to have inherited his mother's musical talent, he's proudly demonstrating his piano skills in one of the slides!

The child star Lindsay Lohan went through a tough time and it shows.
Source: imago images / AAP

#11 Lindsay Lohan

In the American teen comedy "Mean Girls", Lindsay Lohan played the role of Cady Heron, which is still one of our all-time favorites when it comes to her movie appearances. Over the years, Lohan has struggled with substance abuse. We absolutely adore her nevertheless.

Tara Reid's appearance changed a lot due to her cosmetic surgeries.
Source: IMAGO / APress

#12 Tara Reid

Remember Tara Reid playing "Vicky", the girl next door, in the "American Pie" movies? Men and women wanted to be with her, women wanted to look like her. Over the years, however, her predilection for plastic surgery has changed her appearance significantly.

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