Optical Illusions: Images that Make you Think Twice

The following pictures show optical illusions where you have to look twice before you understand them. And sometimes you really have to think.

Optical illusions : A fisherman with children
Source: Reddit

Not everything is as it seems. The following images are full of optical illusions that you will certainly have to look twice at to understand them!

1. The Floating Fisherman

At first glance, it looks like a man's upper body is floating above the water with a fish in his hand. But no, he's just standing there with his legs spread and his pants almost the same color as the water.

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You must look twice: The lamps form a reflection above the roofs
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Are aliens visiting us? Or are they just lamps reflected in a window?

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Two men make an optical illusion on purpose
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3. The Deep Fall

This optical illusion was obviously intentional: Because when you see the image at 90 degrees, you realize that the falling person is actually jumping up.

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Jesus was photographed as if he was wearing jeans.
Source: Reddit

4. Jesus in Jeans

Who can say what kind of clothes Jesus really wore? Well, jeans hadn't been invented yet in his day. But in this optical illusion, they fit him very well.

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Two dogs showing an optical illusion
Source: Reddit

5. A Good Dog Looking for Something.

What is that dog doing with his front paw? Or is it not his paw at all?

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A gymnast with hoola hoops
Source: Reddit

6. The Headless Gymnast

This gymnast swings her hoola-hoop with great elegance. But there is something missing from the picture... Where is her head?

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A cow making a confusing picture with another cow.
Source: Reddit

7. The Looooong Cow

Two cows have positioned themselves very cleverly. Or is it just a stretchy cow?

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A cat without a body
Source: Reddit

8. Cat's Head

Aside from the fact that its body is missing, this cat's appearance is really wonderful. It's sitting just below the step, where its head is placed. At least, it seems to like hiding.

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Soccer players embrace
Source: Reddit

9. The Very Flexible Footballer

The two footballers have obviously just scored a goal. He is so happy that his arms are twisted back. Oh, there's a third person in the picture.

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Father and mother with a baby
Source: Reddit

10. Father Proud of His New Manicure

This photo shows a man who obviously did his nails in a festive way. He probably didn't get to do the other hand because his wife then had their baby.

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A woman apparently has a leg with a hand at the end.
Source: Reddit

11. Another Monkey's Leg

And here is a person who seems to have a leg with a hand at the end. How convenient.

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A man apparently puts his hand in another man's pants, but it is only an optical illusion.
Source: Reddit

12. Hand in The Pants

These two gentlemen are a bit stunned here. The photo raises questions: Who is putting their hand in whose pants here?

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The glasses reflect the light, but it looks like they have eyes.
Source: Reddit

13. Glasses With Eyes

Did someone glue eyes on the glasses here? No, if you look closely, you can see at second glance that the lamp is reflected in the glasses.

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