An Artist Shows What European Countries Remind Him Of

Some people are very imaginative and see something in the contours of countries we don't see. This is what the artist Zackabier sees in European countries:

One can see many things in the contours of the European countries.
Source: imago images / allOver-MEV

Are you one of those people who see things other people don't seem to be aware of? Are you able to recognize things in the outlines of countries or is that not your thing? The artist Zackabier shows us what he recognizes in the outlines of European countries and it's pretty funny!

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Greece has something of an older, bearded man.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#1 Greece

Greece apparently wasn't so easy for the artist, but the old man is quite recognizable. What do you make of the islands though?

Let's continue:

The outline looks a bit like a dinosaur head.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#2 Andorra 

In this outline, the artist sees a dinosaur head. Admittedly, Andorra already looks a bit like this, at least the “horns” are quite pronounced!

With a lot of imagination, you can see a shark outline in the European country.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#3 Armenia 

If you let your imagination run wild, you might see a shark in Armenia and the outline of it, respectively. When you see the picture next to it, you wonder why you never noticed it before, right?

In the country outline the artist sees a thick snail.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#4 Austria

In the outline of the European country, the artist sees a fat snail. How funny! We wouldn't want to change places with this country, though.

I wonder what he sees in the other countries?

The artist sees a bird or its feather.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#5 Azerbaijan

You won't believe it, but the shape of Azerbaijan reminds the artist of something you probably didn't see: a bird or and one of its feathers. What a beautiful interpretation!

Is the next country as lucky?

In the outline of Belgium he sees a praying man.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#6 Belgium

The silhouette of Belgium evokes an interesting image in the artist; he sees a man during prayer. Once you see it, you're unlikely to forget it...

What's next?

The European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina reminds him of a spaceship.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#7 Bosnia and Herzegovina 

The European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina reminds him of a spaceship, or at least of a flying object that looks quite similar to it. The inhabitants probably wouldn't have expected that!

And we continue:

Bulgaria's outline looks like a cat.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#8 Bulgaria

The outline of the European country Bulgaria looks like a cat. How cute! We're reminded of Garfield, after all, he also has stripes and is quite chunky.

Let's move on:

The outlines indicate a dragon in the European country.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#9 Croatia 

The outline of Croatia suggests a dragon. The wings look pretty impressive, don't you think?

The European country resembles a guinea pig.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#10 Czech Republic

The European country reminds the artist of a guinea pig. Alright, you have to have a lot of imagination for this one. We did not recognize it immediately. 

France reminds the artist of an owl.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#11 France

France as an owl? That's right, we haven't seen the country like that before!

The outline of Montenegro does look a lot like a dinosaur.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#12 Montenegro

The artist transformed the outlines of Montenegro into a dinosaur, a stegosaurus to be exact. Doesn't this give the country a whole new charm?

And on we go:

Great Britain looks like a dragon.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

#13 Great Britain

The island reminds the artist of yet another dragon. Funny idea!

Which country is next?

Was Iceland not hit perfectly with the cactus comparison?
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#14 Iceland

The drawing of Iceland hits the bull's eye. It's only a pity that the cactus doesn't quite do justice to the country itself.

Off to the next silhouette:

Italy is called the "boot" all over the world, which is why the drawing is obvious.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#15 Italy

What could Italy be other than the boot? Known worldwide, even the artist admits that this country's silhouette is clearly a boot.

Next up …

It seems that nothing else can be made out of Hungary but a potato.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#16 Hungary

Unfortunately, Hungary's shape doesn't offer as much room for creativity as many other countries do. Somehow you can see the potato.

Can you guess what the artist imagines when he sees Ireland?

Zackabier gives Ireland the cuddly appearance of a teddy bear.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#17 Ireland

Zackabier says that Ireland reminds him of a "teddy bear", but especially with the drawing and the ears it strongly reminds us of a koala, doesn't it? Of course that can strictly speaking be a teddy bear as well.

Let's continue:

Western Kazakhstan gives Europe the thumbs up.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#18 Kazakhstan

Of course, this is only the part of Kazakhstan that also belongs to Europe, that is, the part all the way in the west. Of course, the fact that this turns into a person giving a thumbs up to the west is quite a picture.

The next shape is “angry”:

Latvia shows a baby bird, although according to the artist it could be an eagle or vulture.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#19 Latvia

Probably most people would agree with the artist on the bird for Latvia. But whether it is a vulture or an eagle is probably still up for discussion. Also whether it's angry or not!

Liechtenstein can be made into a beautiful ghost pretty quickly.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#20 Liechtenstein

When you look at Liechtenstein like this, it is the symbol of a ghostly figure, isn't it? It's almost a little spooky.

Lithuania is visualized by a singing head.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#21 Lithuania

Lithuania is a bit more difficult, but with a little imagination you can probably recognize the singing head. Rock on!

Luxembourg depicts a man with "powerful eyebrows".
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#22 Luxembourg

Who would have recognized Luxembourg like this? A remarkable and fitting achievement of Zackabier to recognize a man with "mighty eyebrows" here to explain the small edge in the northwest.

Who else would have seen cauliflower in northern Macedonia?
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#23 North Macedonia

The cauliflower in North Macedonia fits somehow, but it seems a bit far-fetched when considering the shape. There is such a thing as artistic freedom!

What's next?

There are even two pictures in Malta: A rat with a piece of cheese and a school of fish.
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#24 Malta

The European country is actually two different images, if you will. On the one hand, we have a rat in the northwest running to a piece of cheese, while the southeast is a shoal of fish. As long as the fish don't want a piece of the cheese too, all seems well!

Monaco is compared with a "surreal" elephant
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#25 Monaco

With the land you can see an elephant, however, here even the artist has struggled a bit. His elephant also seems to be somewhat angry or pissed off.

Germany is a little indecent
Source: Youtube Screenshot

#26 Germany

You need a lot of imagination for the shape of Germany. But he literally got the best out of it! 

Of course, one doesn't have to take all this too seriously. But you can, as you wish.

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You can see all the artist's reflections on the shapes of European countries in his video on YouTube.

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