10 Mistakes You Should Avoid During Your Period

According to gynecologists, you should avoid making these mistakes during your period. It's always a difficult time anyway

Every person who menstruates knows it when their period comes. But what do you need to know about menstruation?
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When we're on our periods, we usually lie around for a couple of days with abdominal pain and cramping. But even if we don't have these problems and do pretty well with our periods, there are a few things everyone who menstruates should keep in mind when strawberry week comes around again and, more importantly, mistakes to avoid:

#1 Less Salty Food

Due to the change in hormonal balance, many experience water retention, which is why they weigh a little more before and during their period. This water retention is made worse when we eat foods that are too salty, such as potato chips or fast food. Fluid retention can also increase the cramps that come with your period. You should also drink plenty of fluids while you menstruate so that you don't feel even more bloated. 

During your period, you should remember to use contraception, such as condoms.
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#2 Don't Forget Birth Control

Even during your period, pregnancy cannot be ruled out. Therefore, you should not neglect your contraception. In addition, while menstruating you are more susceptible to illnesses and the risk of infection by certain STIs is notably higher. That's why you shouldn't go without a condom!

Painkillers can help during this period.
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#3 Painkillers are Allowed

Many people experience severe pain and cramping during menstruation. If this is also your case, you can take painkillers such as ibuprofen from time to time. 

Exercise is helpful during your period.
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#4 Be Active

It's important to not only lie around on the couch and watch sappy movies during your period. You don't necessarily have to exercise intensely, but even a short walk in the fresh air can do wonders. 

Scented soap can be a mistake.
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#5 No Scented Soap

If you notice an unpleasant odor "down there", you should definitely not use scented soap! If the odor is due to a bacterial or fungal infection, it can be made worse with harsh soaps and fragrances. To freshen up, gynecologists recommend baby wipes, which are particularly mild and above all pH neutral. 

Alcohol and nicotine are not good for you during your period.
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#6. Avoid Alcohol and Nicotine

You should avoid alcohol and nicotine during your period. Alcohol, for example, increases headaches and affects sleep patterns and even the timing of ovulation. Smoking also reduces blood flow to the tissues, which leads to stronger cramps. 

Sleeping too little is a common mistake.
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#7 Too Little Sleep

We sleep a lot less at night and not as deeply as usual when we have our period. But to compensate for the discomfort, we also need enough sleep. That's why you should avoid caffeine and not eat too late at night, so you can sleep better!

You see chocolate and you shouldn't eat it during your period.
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#8 Too Much Chocolate

We'd prefer to eat nothing but chocolate during our period, but this is not good for the body at all! Too much sugar throws the body and immune system out of balance and, in the worst case scenario, can make cramps worse.

You see coffee and you shouldn't drink it during your period.
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#9 Coffee

While we all love coffee, the caffeine constricts the blood vessels, which can also increase cramps. A more pleasant alternative is tea, especially fennel tea which is good for you. 

We see a stressed woman and it is about advice for the period.
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#10 Too Much Stress

Don't put too many appointments on your calendar during your period. Our bodies are already weakened enough during these days, they don't need the physical and mental stress. It's best to take it easy.