Retiree Takes Picture Of His Food And The Internet Is Outraged

Nobody expected that a single photo would cause so much trouble! A retiree took a picture of his food and posted it online - the Internet was outraged!

A retiree took a picture of his food and posted it online.
Source: imago images / Westend61

Jürgen is a recently retired 63-year-old man who lives in a retirement home in Nuremberg, Germany. However, management forced the retiree to move out of the retirement home - and the reason they had for it is pretty peculiar. The whole story started with a picture Jürgen posted online. The image shows the food he receives at the old-age home. The photo was posted on the Facebook page "Wir fotografieren unser Essen - Residenz Seniorenheim/ Krankenhaus" which means "We take pictures of our food - Recidence Retirement Home / Hospital" in English. At the time the picture was posted, the account had 25.000 Followers. Here's why the post sparked outrage online:

The food the retired man got looks unappetizing.
Source: YouTube / wochenwebschau

While nurses sometimes have uncomfortable experiences with patients, it can also go the other way round. The German YouTube channel "wochenwebschau" took notice of the post and made a video about it. As you can see from the picture above, the food the retiree was served at the retirement home looks more than unappetizing! The predominant colors are grey and brown, and the serving looks rather small. In this case, this is probably a good thing!

The retiree was thrown out of the retirement home because of the picture he posted.
Source: YouTube / wochenwebschau

Since Jürgen himself doesn't have WIFI at the retirement home, one of his friends posted the picture to the Facebook page. Jürgen and his friend's intention was to draw attention to the worrisome conditions in many retirement homes. Neither of them expected the picture to cause such a stir, though! Jürgen and his friend also didn't mean to name and shame the retirement home he lives at. They merely wanted to point out that there's room for improvement when it comes to the living conditions in retirement homes. Management saw things differently and threw the retiree out, without hesitation.

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The story quickly went viral and several German news websites, such as, reported on the issue. You can watch the whole video about Jürgen on "wochenwebschau".

Unfortunately, this topic appears to be as relevant today as it used to be when Jürgen posted the pictures. This story once again demonstrates the power of the internet - sometimes, a single picture can even safe a person's life.

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