Style Hack: This Is Why You Never See Kate Middleton's Bra Straps

As the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton is an absolute fashion role model. This hack will change your life. We'll tell you how she hides her bra straps!

We often see Kate Middleton wearing skintight dresses but we never see any bra straps.
Source: imago images / i Images

Kate Middleton has become an absolute fashion icon. She brings her own sense of style to the Royal Family and we adore her for it! Her outfit choice is flawless at all times and we keep wondering - how does she do it?! By the way, have you noticed that we never see even a hint of a bra strap on her, no matter how delicate the fabric of her clothes? We'll tell you which hack seems to use for it.

She's the Princess of Wales and the Queen of Dressing Elegantly

No matter where we spot Kate, she's always dressed flawlessly. Whether she attends a polo tournament or shows herself shortly after giving birth: Kate knows how to dress well. On top of her fashion choices, she definitely knows how to pose for photographers and paparazzi alike! 

But how on earth can it be that we never see her bra straps? Kate seems to have an easy yet genius trick to hide them...

The Princess of Wales has to stick to certain rules like covering her underwear at all times.
Source: imago images / i Images

The Rules of the Royal Family: This is Why We Never See Kate's Bra Straps

Bra straps can be annoying and uncomfortable, whether they show or not. We know this and Kate probably knows it, too. Only difference is that Kate has to stick to a strict script of fashion rules and not.

Naturally, this also applies to her wedding outfit:

Princess Kate wore a stunning, silk dress to her wedding celebration, paired with a soft short cardigan.
Source: Getty / WPA Pool

Kate's Wedding Look For The Party

We all know Princess Kate's wedding dress, the long train, the soft lace – it is a truly spectacular dress. However, Kate wore a second dress on her wedding day, she changed into a different look for the wedding party! This was probably also a practical decision – it would have been difficult to dance and interact with her wedding guests with that extremely long wedding dress train, right?

Naturally, Kate adhered to the Royal dress code here as well, you can't spot a bra strap, she is nothing but perfection. 

On the next page, we'll finally tell you her secret:

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Style hack: This is how you hide your bra straps 

According to "The Sun", royal expert Myka Meier knows what Kate Middleton's ingenious style hack is. She claims to know how the Princess conceals her bra straps in an easily attainable way: strapless shape wear! The brand Spanx is known for their shapewear and introduced one of their shaping undergarments on their Instagram account. By wearing shape wear, people will only be focusing on your outfit - but not on what's going on underneath. 

We don't know for sure if Kate really uses strapless shape wear to hide her bra straps. However, the next picture makes it seem like a very plausible assumption...

Kate is seen at a sports event and seems to be wearing shape wear.
Source: imago images / i Images

Kate Middleton makes every outfit look fashionable

Bra straps are the most visible when we wear super tight shirts - and they are most likely to slip out of position when we move around. This is exactly where shape wear comes into play! Whether you are as slender as Kate or whether you have a curvier body type, shape-wear makes sure that everything stays where it's supposed to be. 

On the next page, we'll show you how to dress to impress:

Shape-wear perfectly shapes the body.
Source: imago images / YAY Images

Shape-wear hack: This is how your bra straps no longer ruin your outfit

If you've been looking for a solution to your bra strap problem, say no more and look no further! You can find shape-wear bodysuits online - and they will ensure no-one will ever, ever see any of your bra straps ever again. Whether Kate wears them or not, they are a great alternative to conventional underwear. Additionally, shape wear shapes your body and ensures everything is exactly where it's supposed to be.

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