Swollen Legs In Summer: Here's What You Can Do About It

In summer, women often complain about swollen legs. We explain why this happens, especially in summer, and what you can do about it!

Swollen legs are often an absolute suffering issue for many women in summer.
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Why Do we Often Have Swollen Legs in Summer?

For many women, swollen legs are a real nuisance during summer time. Even our feet are sometimes affected, some shoes then simply don't fit anymore. Some people immediately think that they have gained weight, especially in their legs. But this is not the case. There is a simple reason: water retention. Sitting in the office in hot weather, when you would rather be at the beach in a bikini, causes the lower limbs to swell and not everyone likes that - and sometimes it's even uncomfortable. Women also often have the problem of "heavy" legs during long car or plane trips. 

This is the cause of swollen legs:

Lymphs are responsible for causing our legs to swell.
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The Cause of Swollen Legs: What is Going On in the Body?

Swollen legs are caused by what is called lymph, which is found in our legs. Lymph is a milky fluid that plays a central role in our body. This fluid cleans our bodies of bacteria, dirt and other contaminants. Through the lymph, excess body fluids can also be drained from our body. This function is not only very important, it is vital. However, if too much lymphatic fluid accumulates in the legs, the "fat legs" effect appears. But there is a simple trick to remedy this, which you can apply both at home and on the move. 

We'll show you what you can do: 

Lymphatic massage can provide relief.
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Doing a Lymphatic Massage

If there's one thing that can provide some relief from swollen legs, it's lymphatic massage. But how does this miracle remedy work? 

Place your thumb on your heel and point it towards the hollow of your knee in a circular motion. Apply light pressure to this area. This is where the main lymph nodes of the leg are located. For it to be effective, you must repeat this procedure about ten times. Next, it is best to lift your legs upwards (ideally, you should put your heel against the wall). After doing this exercise, you can be sure that your lymphatic channels are slowly clearing. 

If you have this problem, you can do this exercise immediately and anywhere. Try it! For a lasting effect, it may also be helpful to make more frequent appointments at a massage studio to practice this technique!

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When your Legs Hurt in Summer

Do you feel swollen and your legs hurt? This could be because the vessels in your veins dilate when the temperatures are high and you feel like everything is completely swollen and painful.

What might help:

- A cool foot bath.
- If you lie down on the couch or bed and elevate your legs on cushions or the back of the couch
- Drink enough water!

Woman lies on the bed and shows her legs. The sun shines on the bed!
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Unfortunately, Swollen and Painful Legs Can Also Be a Sign of Lipoedema/Lymphoedema

Unfortunately, many people are affected by lipoedema, especially women. Lipoedema is a disorder of fat distribution and lymphoedema is also accompanied by water retention.
It is not so easy to recognize lipoedema!

The signs can be (it can of course be something else). In case of suspicion, you should consult a doctor:
- legs that are quite large in relation to the rest of the body
- painful legs and bruises that appear quickly
- pressure points appearing on the legs
- mild to severe leg pain, especially when it's hot or you've been walking for a long time

Here's what can help:
- elevating your legs
- wearing compression stockings or tights
- in severe cases, liposuction, which unfortunately is rarely covered by health insurance companies