You'll love these 15 stunning white ink tattoos

Move over to the lighter side!

White ink is a bit of a controversial topic in the tattoo world. This unusual tattoo trend isn't for everybody, and if not done by a well-trained professional they can end up stained yellow or green. BUT, if done by a skilled tattoo artist, this is a trend we have definitely fallen for! The subtle shade of white gives the tattoo a feeling of lightness, perfect for a dainty, girly tattoo. But of course, this trend is not reserved only for small pieces. As you'll see in the gallery, white tattoos can be used for bigger, striking pieces that really make a statement.

So what are white tattoos? White tattoos use white ink only to create a subtle, scarred effect. Once healed, the tattoo is far less noticeable than traditional ones, making a strong case for people who want to get inked, but don't want to harm their employment opportunities. If you're not worried about that and want to make a statement, put your white tattoo under UV light and watch it glow bright!

Thinking of getting a white ink tattoo? Use the gallery on the next page for your inspiration!