Every Gemini will love these 10 tattoos

If you fall under this zodiac sign, you're going to want these tattoos!

If you're a Gemini, then stop what you're doing and have a look at these 10 gorgeous tattoos that were literally made for you! We know that as a Gemini, or the twin sign, you have two sides to your personality. While sometimes you are quick-witted, talkative and fun, there are other times where you are thoughtful or serious. Don't worry, this list of gorgeous tattoos has something for every side of your personality!

Being a Gemini, you're probably curious and can't wait to see what could be your next tattoo..... so go ahead to the next page to view the gallery!

1. Twin Constellation

Simple, hand-poked constellation with added stars for a cute touch.

2. Twinning

This literal representation of the twin sign is bright, colourful and unique!

Every Gemini will love these 10 tattoos

3. Combination

This combo of the sign, constellation, stars and geometry is such a winner!

4. Galaxy

What place more fitting for a constellation than the galaxy?

5. Lines

This traditional black tattoo is another way to represent the twin sign.

Every Gemini will love these 10 tattoos

6. Yin Yang

Love this unique way to represent the yin-yang sign.

7. Constellation of Stars

Forget using lines to connect the stars in the constellation and leave them as they are - which is beautiful!

8. Metaphor

Love the use of an unusual object to represent this twin sign!

Every Gemini will love these 10 tattoos

9. Sun and Moon

A perfect representation of the duality of a Gemini.

10. Simplicity

A simple symbol together with the right placing can do wonders.