You won't believe this girl's 70-inch butt is real!

But it is, and she has a video to prove it...

Source: Instagram

Eminem must have been getting some inspiration from Instagram star, Raylynn, because honestly, I aint never seen an ass like that! The 24-year-old has a mass of followers (168 000, to be exact), or should we say, her derrière does! With a slim waist and 70-inch behind, it's no wonder that bum-obsessed fans love every photo she posts.

Raylynn has, of course, been met with some hate for her unusually curvy figure, but her message is clear: screw what other people think! She has embraced her wide hips so much so that she is has even created a business out of them!

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Source: Instagram

The young Atlanta native has seen an opportunity in her larger-than-life behind and now uploads images and videos to her website, all of which can be accessed for $11.99 per month. Hmmmm, we wonder what those videos consist of. She's pretty adamant that her site does not contain porn, but we're going to take a wild guess and say her jiggling booty is definitely the star of the show!

But still, there are those without that subscription who have accused her of Photoshopping her unusually large behind, but the self-proclaimed PAWG (phat ass white girl, in case you didn't know) insists it's all read. So to prove the haters wrong, she made this video that proved her butt is 100% hers!

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Source: Youtube

Yup, that's definitely a real booty! Although it's hard to believe somebody with such a small waist can carry around all that junk in the trunk. She has totally embraced what she has, and although she receives plenty of hate, she does not let that get to her!