You're going to fall in love with these 16 floral tattoos

They're all so beautiful!

Floral tattoos are the perfect way to combine the traditionally "tough" art of tattooing with the feminine and delicate. But forget the standard red rose - this list of 16 floral tattoos has so many unique, beautiful designs and style that you won't be able to decide which one you like best!

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1. Watercolour Poppy

This tattoo looks like it was literally painted on. Beautiful, bright and delicate!

2. Traditional

This take on the traditional rose is simple but gorgeous.

3. Modern Art

This modern take on feminine florals is so cool!

4. White Ink

This barely-there tattoo is almost as delicate as a rose petal itself.

You're going to fall in love with these 16 floral tattoos

5. Watercolour

A piece for those who love all things bright and bold!

6. Underboob

This placement is perfect for 3 pretty flowers!

7. Mandala

There are many floral-mandala combos to choose from, but this one with its bright colours is a winner.

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8. Hyper realistic

This looks like a photograph painted onto her body!

9. Plain black

The thick lines form a beautiful contrast with the delicate form of this flower tattoo.

10. Wispy Leaves

What's not to love here? Colour... placement.... shape.... perfect!

You're going to fall in love with these 16 floral tattoos

11. Geometric

Love the pairing of geometric shapes with a simple flower.

12. White Rose

How does she make it look so realistic??

13. Small and simple

Can never go wrong with a minimal tattoo!

14. Silhouette

Placing this bright island flower in a feather silhouette creates a very unique effect! 

15. Splashes of paint

So beautiful!

16. Planet Earth

OMG this is amazing!