How to get rid of your double chin

No need to hide your chin anymore!

I bet, everyone has tried hiding a double chin: wearing a scarf oder by streching the face while taking a photo.There's no denying. Sometimes, the extra layer of fatty tissues, is the effect of overweight. But often, it is genetic.

Plastic surgeries can eliminate the sagging skin. They are quite expensive though.

So what to do if you want to get rid of the double chin?We're gonna show you pocket-friendly and painless home treatments!

How to  get rid of your double chin

Sugar Free gum

To get rid of a double chin, it's very important to give your jaw a good workout.The best workout is chewing gum several times a day. This also keeps your teeth and gum healthy.

Cocoa Butter

Another great tip is using slightly warm cocoa butter.

Just massage it for a few minutes into your neck and chin.Do this every morning before shower and every night before you go to sleep. It will help a lot by making your skin more elastic.

Wheat Germ Oil

Just massage your neck with it every night before you go to sleep for about 10minutes.

By leaving it  overnight, it will help tighten your skin and getting rid of your double chin easily.