This is how to do the HOTTEST nail trend of 2016!

It's a lot easier than they lead you to believe

Source: Instagram

Right now, I am SO into metallics. From Kylie Jenner's metallic lip kit range, to metallic finishes on shoes and bags, I'm all about the shine! So when I saw this nail trend, I knew I had to try it!

Chrome nails are the shiniest nail finish yet. They create a mirror-like effect that you'd think could only be achieved by using fake nails - but this is all real! Find out how to DIY on the next page...

Source: Instagram

The chrome nail effect isn't achieved using polish or stick-ons. The technique requires a special powder that is buffed over a gel finish, creating this unique mirror effect. That means you can create any metallic colour by choosing the colour of your polish. However, since the technique uses gel polish to get the look, you'd usually need to have your gel nails done professionally, or invest in equipment such as a UV lamp.

But with the tutorial on the next page, you can achieve this look with no fancy equipment! It's an easy DIY that you can do at home in minutes! 

Source: Youtube

So don't let anybody fool you - this is a gorgeous look you can get WITHOUT forking out the cash to have it done professionally. This is definitely a nail trend I'll be following this season! How about you? :)