You'll want all 15 of these beautiful nature tattoos!

Take my money!

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1. Cute Bouquet

Love this beautiful bouquet by Tea Hand Poked Tattoos! 

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2. Geometric Mountain

This delicate yet majestic geometric mountain tat by Dr Woo is amazing!

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3. Minimal Bee

Such a cute minimal buzzing bee by John Boy Tattoo.

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4. Watercolour Lion

Sasha Unisex Tattoo's watercolour creations are breath taking!

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5. Bear in Nature

Sarah Herzdame uses dot work to create her unique nature-inspired pieces. Love!

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6. Garden Scene

Bold and beautiful! This tattoo by Timor Super is amazing.

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7. A Sweet Little Moth

How sweet is this little atlas moth by Tea Handpoked Tattoos.

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8. Simple Fern

Love this simple leafy silhouette  by Tea Handpoked Tattoos. 

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9. Hyperrealistic Butterfly

OMG we thought this was real for a second!

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10. Geometric Bear

This geometric bear makes such a bold statement! 

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11. Minimal Wild Horse

Dynamite comes in small packages. This is so tiny yet SO beautiful!

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12. Watercolour Narwhal

All I can say it WOW! Done by Sarah Unisex Tattoo.

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13. Incredible Dot Work Whale

Sarah Herzdame's tattoos are nothing short of incredible.

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14. Intricate Dear

This back piece by Sarah Gaugler is so striking! 

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15. Detailed Whale

Wow! This custom design by Sarah Gaugler is AMAZING!