Smoothie art is a thing, and you need to see it!

And I bet they taste as amazing as they look! Yum!

Have you ever seen a prettier smoothie than this? We're guessing no, unless it was another creation by talented blogger, Alison Grise Wu. Her blog, Wu Haus, features dozens of delectable smoothies that, quite frankly, look way too pretty to drink!

Her gorgeous creations are gaining her a very large Instagram following too - 21500 and counting! And while her blog consists of more than just smoothies (she also creates other healthy and equally beautiful meals), these drinkable delights definitely steal the show!

Ready to get some smoothie inspiration? Click on then next page to view the gallery!


This is healthy?? Sign me up!!

Red, white and blue

I'm suddenly feeling very patriotic! 


Perfect for summer!

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Monday morning pick-me-up. #WuHaus

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Colourful Delight

If I got the the end of a rianbow and found this instead of a pot of gold, I'd be ok with that!

Blue Ombre

And you thought ombre was just for hair...

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Feeling the green today. 💚🌿 #WuHaus

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Go Green

Seriously green with envy of whoever got to drink this!


When your breakfast looks like dessert...

Deep purple

Looks good enough to eat! .....oh wait.....

Fit for a Queen

Inspired by Beyonce's Lemonade.

Chia Pudding

Not a smoothie per se, but too good looking to leave off this list!