Here's how to wear this season's biggest runway trend!

You don't have to be a supermodel to pull this trend off....

2016 seems to be the year of comeback trends! From this 90s necklace, to this trend your granny might have worn back in the day, so many trends seems to be experiencing a revival. And the latest one is the prettiest one yet! Seen on the runways of Gucci and Alexander McQueen, you'd think this trend would be hard to follow in real life - but thankfully it's a pretty easy, low key look to pull off!

So what is it? Our favourite trend from the early 2000s..... find out on the next page! 

Embroidered denim has made a comeback! Think pretty florals, butterflies and other botanical elements like Gucci has done with this denim jacket!

But this look isn't only for jackets or jeans, you can spice it up with a fun accessory.... 

These shoes by Alexander McQueen mix up the embroidered look with a bit of bling to create these super stylish shoes!

Of course, not every girl can afford high end accessories like this! Here's a way you can add this trend into your every day wardrobe...

Here's how to wear this season's biggest runway trend!

A simple embroidered jean trouser is the perfect way to rock this trend this summer. Go for bright colours reminiscent of Gucci's take on the mega trend, or opt for soft pastels like this pair from Asos. Either way, embroidered denim is a must-have piece to any fashionista's wardrobe this summer!